Latin America Mining News

Thousands of Peruvians camp in the Andes to defend lake from Newmont’s gold project

Government has sent additional police forces to watch over the protestors, as previous manifestations have turned violent in the past.

Brazil’s president unveils new mining law

Reforms include proposal to potentially double mining royalties to 4%.

The global race for shale development is on

Countries that are not now known for their oil and gas production are showing much shale oil and gas promise.

Iron ore price extends 6% rally as China mulls relaxing import rules

The proposed end to the licensing system marks something of retreat for Beijing which has made many attempts to wrest control over pricing away from the major producers.

Chilean miners the best paid in South America, sixth highest in the world

The average annual salary is about $97,500, not so far from the global average of about $98,700.

Chile’s Codelco to extend El Salvador copper mine’s life by 20 years

Considered key for Codelco's future.

Fresh protests threaten Newmont Conga mine in Peru

The new round of demonstrations come after a top official for the Conga project, CEO Roque Benavides of Buenaventura, said water from one of the main water sources for locals, would be transferred to a reservoir later this year.

New Brazil mining law expected to be less severe than once feared

"If the industry was still growing robustly the pressure to raise taxes and regulation would have been stronger."

Resurgent Aussie dollar gives huge boost to Brazil, South Africa iron ore exporters

While the real and rand continues to weaken significantly, the Australian dollar is staging an impressive comeback and dealing damage to Rio Tinto and BHP.

Mexico shuts down more than 20 coal pits due to child labour probe

Particularly in the state of Coahuila, which holds 80% of the country’s coal deposits.

Codelco could take over from Kinross in Ecuador

The world’s largest copper producer may be the chosen company to run the Fruta del Norte project, the largest gold deposit in Ecuador, when the concession for the Canadian miner expires August 1.

Top 10 oil and gas producing countries in 2012

World oil production rose about 2.5% last year, from 4,019 million tonnes in 2011 to 4,119 million tonnes in 2012.

Coal is the fastest growing fossil fuel again

In 2012 its consumption grew by 2.5% in comparison to 2.2% for natural gas.

Mexican Tycoon Carlos Slim's largest gold mine shuts down

As a result of an ongoing conflict between two rival unions.

World No. 3 copper mine Collahuasi and workers settle differences

Company has been seeking to turn the corner after a tough 2012.

Miners’ new trilogy: flat revenues, profit drop and weak share prices

Report shows mining companies are not longer trusted on their abilities to control costs, deliver on promises and cope with resource nationalization demands.

Ecuador passes mining law

Reserves estimated at $115 billion.

Access to capital the top current challenge for the mining sector: Ernst & Young

The report also says junior miners will continue to be cash strapped for at least another year, as the global mining industry slows down.

Peru’s mining conflicts made country’s total social issues climb to 225 in May

Peru's ombudsman office warned about the renewed unrest in the Cajamarca region, where Newmont has its now halted $4.8 billion gold-copper Conga project.

Anglo American forges ahead with $8.8 billion Brazil project despite huge overruns

"We still believe in a world where iron ore can be profitable at a cost of 50 dollars per ton.”

Brazilian mining giant urges Australia’s miners to recognise reforms

Structural reforms being put in place enhance international investment appeal.

McEwen Mining plunges after dialling back ambitions

Stock drops 7% after lowering its 3-year gold equivalent target by more than 20% or 85,000 ounces.

Grim BRICs news pushes copper to 5-week lows

Copper price slumps 1.8% as Brazil, Russia, India and China growth slows to 2009 levels.

Shale adds 47% to global gas reserves, 11% to global oil: EIA study

The estimates are "highly uncertain and will remain so until they are extensively tested with production wells."

Kinross stock hammered over $720m Ecuador write-off

The Toronto-based gold miner fell 5% after hours on decision to drop project after failing to come to terms with the Ecuadorian government.