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Argentina’s glaciers law won’t affect Pascua Lama: Barrick

Barrick Gold, the world's largest gold company, said a new ruling outlawing mining near glaciers in Argentina will not interfere with its Pascua-Lama mine, one of the world’s largest new projects targeting the precious metal.

Dispute over Argentina’s Los Azules copper project just got uglier

With the recent announcement that there’s much more copper in the Los Azules copper project in Argentina than initially thought, the stakes in a lawsuit contesting its ownership have become much higher.

Peru detains leader of anti-mining protests then frees him after increased hostility

Peruvian police detained former Roman Catholic priest Marco Arana, the leader of the protests against Newmont Mining, yesterday evening. The situation has only worsened since the government declared a state of emergency.

Argentinian legislation might sink Pan American’s flagship

Pan American Silver is warning its shareholders that if the reform of mining law in Argentina's Chubut Province is approved, the company will have to declare its Navidad Project "uneconomic."

Baja's top shareholder won't give more for Boleo

Besieged Baja Mining suffered another setback on Thursday after Mount Kellett Capital Management, the company’s largest shareholder, announced it wouldn’t provide debt or equity financing for the Boleo project in Mexico.

Anti-Newmont protests in Peru force government to declare a state of emergency

At least three people were killed and 20 injured in northern Peru yesterday after a clash between police and protesters opposed to the $5 billion Conga gold mine planned by Newmont Mining in the northern region of Cajamarca.

Glaciers stop progress of Barrick Gold’s mining plans in Argentina

The world's largest gold company, Barrick Gold, suffered a major setback Tuesday as the Argentine National Supreme Court reversed preliminary injunctions on glacier protection law, now back in full force for all mining companies.

Barrick Gold suffers legal reversal in Argentina

The Canadian Press is reporting that Barrick Gold (NYSE:ABX) was handed a setback by Argentina's supreme court, which brought back some glacier protection laws that the mining giant had until now sidestepped.

Chile’s Codelco to invest $400 million in molybdenum plant

Chile-owned copper giant Codelco plans to invest $400 million in a molybdenum processing plant and to maximize its market value amid a legal dispute with global miner Anglo American.

World's No. 3 copper mine Collahuasi to reduce costs with solar power

Chile’s Doña Inés de Collahuasi mining company announced Solarpack has won the contract to build a 25 MW solar energy park, which will supply nearly 13% of the mine's power needs during the day.

Barrick Gold headed to $53 despite losing Chilean ownership row

Gold giant Barrick Gold (NYSE:ABX) has faced a setback in its ownership row with Goldcorp (NYSE:GG) over a copper and gold mine in Chile as Ontario Superior court dismissed Barrick's claim that Goldcorp illegitimately got ownership of mine an...

Pan American Silver comments on draft mining legislation submitted to Chubut's provincial parliament

The draft legislation also introduces a series of new regulations that will greatly increase royalties on, and impose economic participation by the province in all mining projects, including Navidad.

Newmont can dig up $59 with Conga project back online

Newmont Mining will soon resume work on its Conga gold project as the miner has accepted the Peruvian government’s condition to build water reservoirs to ensure water supply in the nearby areas.

Two South American Silver engineers kidnapped in Bolivia

Locals from the Bolivian Andean region have kidnapped two engineers of Canadian South American Silver and are demanding the immediate release of their leader.

Brazil grants Vale license to expand world’s largest iron ore venture

Brazilian mining company Vale has been granted a preliminary environmental license for its S11D mine, an extension of the company's giant Carajas complex, which is posed to be the world’s largest iron ore mine.

$8 billion resource reserve likely to lift Bolivia's depressed economy

The total value of the copper, silver, indium and manganese reserves discovered by South Korean company Kores in Bolivia last year, may be worth more than $8 billion.

Coeur d'Alene evaluating Argentina mine, offers $350m in senior notes

US-based precious metals producer Coeur d'Alene Mines Corp said Monday it would evaluate strategic and operational alternatives for its silver and gold Martha mine in Argentina to reduce its high operating costs during the rest of the mine’s short expected life.

Anglo and Codelco like the boy who cried wolf: dispute deadline moved to July 17

London-based Anglo American and Chile's state-owned Codelco did not came to an agreement on Friday over disputed copper assets which has had the miners engaged in a bitter legal confrontation for months.

Chile divided over lithium privatization

Chile’s government decision to privatize the country’s lithium, announced last week, has the country immersed in a heated debate over who has the right to exploit the vast reserves of the so called “white gold” mineral.

Peru tries solving Xstrata’s conflict to stop mining investments from falling

Peruvian authorities met Thursday with representatives of the town of Espinar in southern Peru, to resolve a conflict between the community and Xstrata’s Tintaya copper mine, which they accuse of polluting their land and water supplies.

Colombia goes ‘all in’ setting aside 17.6 million hectares for mining

The lands will be open for mining licenses, but a majority of them are in protected zones, so officials would have to carefully pick specific regions to auction.

Brazil ranked greenest energy producer in Latin America

Clean, renewable energy and how it can be tapped and produced in Latin America and the Caribbean has been a focus of the Rio+ 20 Earth Summit, taking place this week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Bolivia won’t pay Glencore for taking its mine

Bolivia’s leftist government announced it won’t pay any financial compensation to Swiss miner Glencore after yesterday’s decision to take over its Colquiri tin and zinc mine.

Xstrata to pay $342 million to execs after Glencore merger triggers 'red-top alert'

The unusual alert, considered the Association of British Insurer's most serious warning, indicates a breach in corporate governance.

Australian PanTerra Gold restarts operations at Las Lagunas gold and silver project

Australian PanTerra Gold restarted operations at its Las Lagunas gold and silver project, in the Dominican Republic, adding that the feed issues to the Albion carbon-in-leach processing plant had been resolved.