Latin America Mining News

Mexico shaker leaves mines intact

There are few, if any, reports of damage to mines hours after a large earthquake rocked central and southern Mexico on Tuesday.

Peru losing US$560,000 a day due to mining protests in gold-rich region

Peru's Madre de Dios gold-rich region is losing US$560,000 a day as a result of informal miners' protests happening in the area since Monday, said the country’s president of the regional chamber of commerce, Roman Meza.

Mexico leads Latin America’s exploration expenditures

Mexico’s exploration expenditures are the highest in Latin America, reaching a record high of almost US$1 billion in 2011, says the latest report released by the Metals Economics Group’s (MEG), a think tank based in Halifax, Canada.

Latin America leads global mining exploration spending again

Latin America remained the most popular exploration destination, attracting 25% of global explorations spending in 2011, said to the Halifax-based Metals Economics Group's World Exploration Trends report released on Sunday.

Economic Pressures Caused Worst Decline in Exploration Budget of the Last Two Decades

A report released by the Metals Economics Group (MEG) has painted a grim picture for the nonferrous exploration industry. From a record budget high in 2008 of about US $13 billion, the sector has fallen […]