London Bullion Mining News

Gold market waves near century-old price fix good-bye

Thursday will be the last time traders at four banks agree by phone twice-daily prices for bullion.

ICE wins race to run the London gold fix

Bids and offers will be published in real time and the price updated every 30 seconds.

One of these five companies will run the gold fix

Broker Autilla Ltd (Sapient), the Chicago Mercantile Exchange jointly with Thomson Reuters, U.S. derivatives bourse Intercontinental Exchange, the London Metal Exchange and broker ICAP's online platform EBS will present their proposals this Friday.

Platinum, palladium price-setting technology ‘optimum’ for gold: LME

The LME says its electronic solution for the platinum and palladium price — LMEbullion — could benefit gold bugs.

Chinese banks go after silver and gold fix

Since it first debuted in August, only five participants have signed up to the price setting process.

London gold fix begins seeking 3rd party to run benchmark

Winner will be announced in October, and implementation will be complete by the year-end.

New York court to rule on most London gold fix lawsuits

The 18 cases will be sent to U.S. District Judge Valerie Caproni in Manhattan, who has already been overseeing a putative class-action against the five banks that make up the fix.

Participants in new silver fix ‘unclear’ three days before it goes live

No bank has publicly stepped forward to say they will be involved in the new silver benchmark.

New gold fix to debut by year-end

The plan is to announce a third-party administrator by the end of September.

Scotiabank, Deutsche, HSBC accused of rigging silver price

The three banks have been accused of fixing the price of trillions of dollars worth of silver.

Gold fix operator picks committee to oversee spot price

The company’s new board is made up of compliance officers at the four banks that currently operate the gold prices setting process.

After winning the silver fix, CME goes for the gold

The exchange would bid to be involved in a new process, which may turn the current twice-daily gold price-setting conference call into an electronic auction.

London gold fixing firm seeks 3rd party to run benchmark

The firm that operates the global price benchmark confirmed it has begun a request for proposals (RFP) process to find a new administrator for the fix.

Gold industry to explore ‘fix’ reform

The move could hasten the end of the 95-year-old bullion benchmark.

Deutsche Bank opens massive bullion vault in London

With a capacity of 1,500 tonnes.

Deutsche Bank leaves seat on London gold and silver fix

Resignation leaves four banks to oversee the gold fix and only two to determine global silver prices.

JPMorgan innocent of silver price-fixing claims- court

Investors failed to demonstrate the bank violated federal antitrust and commodities laws by having distorted silver prices.

Deutsche Bank exits from gold, silver price-setting amid probe

Europe’s biggest investment bank by revenue will no longer participate in the price-setting process for gold and silver, or fixing.

Gold headed for worst performance since 1981

Prices improved 1.3% in the previous two sessions, but the metal is still set to drop for the fourth consecutive month.

London gold fixing under increasing scrutiny

The London fix —a benchmark rate used by mining companies, jewellers and central banks to buy, sell and value gold— may have been subject to manipulation in the last few months.

Regulation shakes up London Bullion Market Association

Says it might start charging member banks more or even dissolving the Gold Forward Offered Rates (GOFO).