Lucara Diamond Mining News

Lucara gets almost $18M for fragment of its massive ‘Lesedi La Rona’ diamond

The 373.7-carat diamond, sold during the Vancouver-based miner’s $54.8 million recent tender, was one of 15 large and high value diamonds offered by the company.

Sierra Leone pastor unearths one of the 20 largest diamonds ever found

Emmanuel Momoh found the 706-carat diamond in Sierra Leone's Kono district.

Diamond producers go after Millennials with Oscars-time spot

The target group was the the top diamond consumer in 2015, a year in which most commodities plummeted, hitting the mining industry very hard.

Lucapa adds Motahe project in Lesotho to portfolio, shares jump

The project, which has existing infrastructure, a camp and a diamond processing plant in place, is located just 5km from Letšeng, the highest dollars-per-carat kimberlite diamond mine in the world.

Lucara fetches $38.7 million in second exceptional diamond tender of 2016

Lucara Diamond Corp. is pleased to announce excellent results from its second Exceptional Stone Tender of 2016.

Swiss jeweller buys rights to $63M Constellation diamond 

The world's most expensive rough diamond is now in the hands of De Grisogono, a Swiss luxury jeweller and watch maker.

Botswana’s economy needs more than diamonds to shine

The history of the diamond industry in Africa has been fraught with worker exploitation, environmental destruction, government corruption and squandering of revenues.

Despite the hype world’s second-largest diamond ever found fails to sell

Canada's Lucara Diamond, the company that found the massive gem, said it will keep it as bids fell short of the minimum reserve price.

World’s largest diamond found in 100 years goes under the hammer

CEO of Lucara Diamond, the company that found it, is urging the potential buyer to leave it untouched.

World’s largest diamond found in 100 years could fetch over $70M

The three-billion-year-old diamond the size of a tennis ball was found by Canada's Lucara Diamond last year.

Lucara’s Constellation diamond sells for record $63 million

The record sale is likely to ramp up speculation about how much a second Lucara diamond — the "Lesedi la Rona" — will fetch at auction next month.

World’s second-largest diamond ever found could fetch over $70M

The rock, known as “Lesedi La Rona”, was unearthed in November in Botswana at a mine owned by Canada's Lucara Diamond.

Lucara revenues for first exceptional tender exceed US$51 million

The 10 diamonds, found at the Karowe mine in Botswana, were sold for gross revenues of $33,632 per carat.

World's second-largest diamond to go under the hammer uncut

The rock, discovered by Lucara in Botswana last year, is second in size only to the Cullinan diamond in the British Crown jewels.

World’s second-largest diamond ever found named ‘Our Light’

Canada's Lucara Diamond had launched a a competition to name the rock earlier this year.

Paragon Diamonds halts trading on capital, financial position woes

The Africa-focused miner needs funding to complete the acquisition of the Mothae project and to repay short-term debts, including £500,000 due this week.

Paragon Diamonds shines bright on better-than-expected results for Mothae

Shares in the Africa-focused diamond miner climbed almost 6% after it revealed the Mothae kimberlite project in Lesotho may be more profitable than previously assumed.

Lucara Diamond to host second stone tender in November

Since the recovery of the first large diamond from the Karowe mine in 2013, Lucara has found 216 gems, which it has sold for more than $250,000 each.

Lucara’s on a roll: three new diamonds recovered at Botswana mine

Since the recovery of the first large diamond from Karowe in 2013, the firm has found 216 gems at the site.

Lucara gets $69 million from first diamond sale, amid tough market conditions

The star of the show was a 341.9 carat diamond —unveiled in April —, which sold for $20.55 million

Paragon Diamonds sees at least $160m in revenue from Lesotho mines

The miner, which does not yet generates any income, expects to kick-off production at its Lemphane and Mothae mines later this year.

Seven diamond miners form group to fight synthetics

But some believe main challenge will be falling prices and wholesalers difficult access to credit to purchase rough diamonds.

Lucara sells stake in African diamond project to Paragon for $8.5m

Developing Mothae and Lemphane concurrently would allow Paragon to benefit from significant economies of scale, said Paragon Diamonds.

Lucara Diamond unearths 342-carat rock at its mine in Botswana

The gem will be sold along with two other greater than 100 carat diamonds, also recovered at Lucara's Karowe mine.