Middle East Mining News

Egypt’s sole gold-exporting mine reports high profits

January profits for the Sukari gold mine are making headlines in the country.

The problem with our maps

Maps shape our understanding of the world – and in an increasingly interconnected and global economy, this geographic knowledge is more important than ever.

Two Englishmen find gold bars in old Iraqi tank

The estimated value of the bars is of $1.4 million

Uranium stocks gain big as Kazakhstan cuts production

In the wake of announced production cutbacks by Kazakhstan's state-owned uranium mining powerhouse, Kazatomprom, the beleaguered uranium market has seen an upswing.

What does the next OPEC meeting have in store?

The next OPEC meeting on the 2nd of June will act as little more than a forum for continued altercations between Saudi Arabia and Iran

How the US is shunning Saudi oil imports

Over the last 15 years, America has been turning away from traditional oil suppliers in the Middle East to more trusted sources, closer to home.

INFOGRAPHIC: The riskiest places to live

Risk, from a mathematical perspective, is the probability of an event multiplied by its potential impact.

Who will be left standing at the end of the oil war

While there are billions of reasons to cut output, and every major producing country is reeling from the loss of revenues, some are weathering the current bust better than others, but the devil is in the details, and the details contain tons of variables.

War between Saudi Arabia and Iran could send oil prices to $250

The rift between Saudi Arabia and Iran has quickly ballooned into the worst conflict in decades between the two countries.

Platts Survey: OPEC pumps 31.2 million barrels of crude oil per day in September

Oil production from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) totaled 31.2 million barrels per day (b/d) in September, down 60,000 b/d from August as Saudi Arabia further reined in supply, according to a just-released Platts survey of OPEC and oil industry officials and analysts.

Saudis could face an open revolt at next OPEC meeting

OPEC next gathers December 4 in Vienna, just over a year since Saudi Oil Minister Ali Al-Naimi announced at the previous OPEC winter meeting the Saudi decision to let the oil market determine oil prices rather than to continue Saudi Arabia's role of guarantor of $100+/bbl oil.

Oil field services surprise: Brandon Dobell on the upstart that could compete with the big three

Consolidation is coming to the oil and gas industry, says Brandon Dobell of William Blair & Co.

INFOGRAPHIC: Middle East, capital of concentrated wealth

Persian treasury at Persepolis held 7.2M lbs of gold.

World events to spark fall commodities rally: Jeb Handwerger

Talks about current events that could spark a commodities rally.

Gold flat amid conflicting developments

Host of competing factors trap precious metal.

Gold rises on Ukraine, Gaza tensions

Emerging markets may give support going forward.

Gold near 3.5-month high on Portugal bank worries

Mideast violence, Fed rate stance, India duty also concerns.

The world's five most important oil fields

The Middle East has dominated the world of oil for half a century and as the list below shows, it remains king.

Dubai gold trade reached $75 billion in 2013

The figure represents almost 40% of the world's physical gold trade last year.

Dubai refiner responds to conflict gold charges

Dubai-based Kaloti Jewellery Int'l, one of the world's largest gold refiners, denies it paid out over $5 billion in cash for gold from African war zones.

Report: Dubai audit on conflict gold kept under wraps

Human rights group says one of world's largest refiners Kaloti Jewellery Int'l failed to report $5 billion in potentially suspicious transactions.

Iran’s new President Elect will make nuclear program more transparent

President Elect Rohani stated that he will work to improve Iran’s relations with countries around the world.

Rumors of OPEC's demise exaggerated

A mixed picture is starting to emerge from the Middle East in terms of oil production.

Water shortages may end Jordan’s nuclear power hopes

Water shortages may end Jordan’s nuclear power hopes

OPEC and the US declaration of (energy) independence

OPEC points to risks in US energy independence.