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UK scientists develop new method to find copper deposits

Technique likely to become an inexpensive way to uncover rich copper deposits.

US scientists figure cost-effective way to extract rare earths from coal

The new mineral processing technique also makes the extraction environmentally friendly.

Luxembourg joins race to conquer space mining

The move comes only three months after U.S. President Barack Obama signed a space exploitation law.

EPA faces first lawsuit over Colorado mine spill

The state of New Mexico also plans to sue the owners of two Colorado mines that were the source of the massive spill.

Asteroid miner 3D-prints spacecraft prototype with alien metal

What Planetary Resources' 3D-printed model so impressive is the fact that it’s made entirely out of metal that’s not from Earth.

Death toll from Brazilian dam burst climbs — BHP

The miner raised the death toll from the catastrophic dam burst at a mine in Brazil last month to 17 from 13 and said there are two people still missing.

Ultra-pure graphene found in graphite deposits in Australia

The world is well-versed in the power of disruptive technologies, but what about disruptive metals?

There is no Nazi gold train after all — Polish scientists

The Nazi gold train saga took a new twist Tuesday when scientists that scanned the area where the wagons were allegedly buried said there is no evidence of such finding.

Nazi gold train rumours to be determined true or not in ‘matter of days’

Experts from Krakow University of Science and Technology are almost ready to release their findings.

Coalview achieves first year milestones at the Centralia Fine Coal Recovery Plant

As an energy technology company, Coalview is investing in making carbon products more valuable and environmentally neutral.

Australia's convention showcases emerging technologies for the mining sector

Aiming to become the premier technology innovation event for the resources sector in Australia, Unearthed Demo Day will showcase some of the sector’s most exciting technology startups and facilitate a conversation about industry’s preparedness for the impact of new technologies.

Giant mine pit ‘swallowing’ 400-year-old Peruvian town

The Peruvian city of Cerro de Pasco, perched high up in the Andes, is about to sink — literally and metaphorically — into the deeps of a half-century-old, open-pit zinc and lead mine.

Swiss scientists make gold nugget ‘as light as air’

The gold nugget is also about 1,000 times cheaper than solid gold.

Toxic elements found in water weeks after Brazil’s mine disaster — Vale

Company confirms that the Institute for Water Management in Minas Gerais (IGAM) found levels of arsenic, lead and other toxic elements many times higher than the legal maximums along the river.

BHP questions UN probe that said Samarco spill ‘toxic’

The UN’s human rights agency also said the companies did not take enough measures to prevent the disaster.

Obama boosts asteroid mining, signs law granting rights to own space riches

While the law lets citizens mine, sell and own riches mined in space, it does not grant sovereignty, ownership, exclusive rights or jurisdiction over any celestial body.

Mining in Europe began more than 4,000 years ago, study reveals

Mining in the Alps dates back much further than previously thought — in the Austrian region of Montafon since the Bronze Age.

US Congress grants citizens rights to own asteroid-mined riches

Until now, there was no legislature clarifying issues such as whether resources mined from celestial bodies could be sold on Earth.

EPA mine spill could have been prevented, probe concludes

The accident would have been avoided had the EPA team checked on water levels inside the abandoned mine before digging into its collapsed and leaking entrance, says document.

Greenpeace to keep coal in the ground by buying some of Europe’s largest mines

The environmental group is after Vattenfall's lignite business in eastern Germany, in a bid to scale back the operations put up for sale by the Swedish state-owned energy giant.

Diamonds could help spot early stage cancers

Australian researchers have found a way to use diamonds to act as beacons in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans and identify cancerous tumours before they become life-threatening.

Main water source for Canada’s oil sands may run dry — study

A team of scientists is warning that current level of water used by oil sands producers may not be sustainable.

Rehabilitation of over 50,000 abandoned mines in Australia to hit taxpayers

According to environmental scientist Peter Erskine, Australia will be left with a bill running into tens of billions of dollars unless the government starts taking mine rehabilitation seriously.

BHP calls miners to challenge anti-coal movement

BHP’s coal chief believes the commodity is likely to remain under pressure for a while.

BHP, SaskPower partner to accelerate development of carbon capture and storage

The companies will share access to data and lessons learned from SaskPower’s Boundary Dam facility — the world’s first full chain power sector CCS project.