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Caterpillar’s new ‘smart iron age’ machines go way beyond automation

The new line of “smart” equipment will be able to communicate, instantly, how it's performing, and what might need fixing soon.

NASA unveils gold-covered telescope that will put the Hubble to shame

The $10 billion James Webb telescope is equipped with a collapsible honeycomb-like mirror made of 18 gleaming, gold-covered pieces.

This insect’s guts could be key for mining remediation

The new method would allow for specialized plants, which are critical for biodiversity, to be re-established faster around old iron ore mines.

Delays in rollout of autonomous technology forces Rio Tinto to cut iron ore guidance

The world's No. 2 iron ore miner has cut its production guidance for 2017 by as much as 20 million tonnes.

Apple got $40 million in gold from recycled iPhones last year

Thanks to its innovative program that uses robots to recover the valuable parts from the millions of Apple devices discarded every year.

Here’s how much Canadian miners are currently making

They are definitely making more than those working in forestry, manufacturing, finance and construction.

Canada’s mining industry backs national carbon price

The country's largest mining companies recommend a broad-based carbon price applicable to all sectors of the economy.

Canadians to develop space mining tool

Deltion Innovations aims to design a drill that would prospect for water, ice and resources on the moon and beyond.

Meet the new system that could cut coal-plant emissions in half

Researchers at the MIT have developed a hybrid system that combines two well-known technologies: coal gasification and fuel cells.

Investment in drones and wearables is set to expand across African mines

Environmental monitoring technologies have strong penetration rates in the African mining industry, with significant growth expected for drones and wearable technologies, finds a new report by Timetric’s Mining Intelligence Center (MIC).

These bacteria can help you find rich platinum deposits

Fresh research shows a new role for bacteria in cycling platinum group metals in soils and sediments, offering a better understanding of how to search for them.

Fabrisonic uses Tantalum for Radiation Shielding Applications

Fabrisonic, a manufacturing technology company, based in the US, uses tantalum, a rare earth metal, in radiation shielding of aluminum aerospace structures by employing an ultrasonic additive manufacturing (UAM) process.

Bluetooth technology ushers in new era of technological advancement

A COMPANY creating Bluetooth devices to help the mining industry run more efficiently is expanding its technology for use in everyday life.

New technology, automation to help miners survive commodity prices rout

When the worst collapse of commodity prices in nearly two decades finally ends, mining companies left standing probably will have more robots on their side.

EPA says Colorado mine spill dumped 880,000 pounds of metals into river

The report didn’t identify the metals but said researchers were looking at cadmium, copper, lead, mercury, nickel and zinc.

UK scientists develop new method to find copper deposits

Technique likely to become an inexpensive way to uncover rich copper deposits.

US scientists figure cost-effective way to extract rare earths from coal

The new mineral processing technique also makes the extraction environmentally friendly.

Luxembourg joins race to conquer space mining

The move comes only three months after U.S. President Barack Obama signed a space exploitation law.

EPA faces first lawsuit over Colorado mine spill

The state of New Mexico also plans to sue the owners of two Colorado mines that were the source of the massive spill.

Asteroid miner 3D-prints spacecraft prototype with alien metal

What Planetary Resources' 3D-printed model so impressive is the fact that it’s made entirely out of metal that’s not from Earth.

Death toll from Brazilian dam burst climbs — BHP

The miner raised the death toll from the catastrophic dam burst at a mine in Brazil last month to 17 from 13 and said there are two people still missing.

Ultra-pure graphene found in graphite deposits in Australia

The world is well-versed in the power of disruptive technologies, but what about disruptive metals?

There is no Nazi gold train after all — Polish scientists

The Nazi gold train saga took a new twist Tuesday when scientists that scanned the area where the wagons were allegedly buried said there is no evidence of such finding.

Nazi gold train rumours to be determined true or not in ‘matter of days’

Experts from Krakow University of Science and Technology are almost ready to release their findings.

Coalview achieves first year milestones at the Centralia Fine Coal Recovery Plant

As an energy technology company, Coalview is investing in making carbon products more valuable and environmentally neutral.