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Murray Energy swaps debt on heels of Trump plan to boost coal

Most industry watchers forecast that U.S. coal demand will fall in coming years as more coal-fired power plants close.

US coal tycoon Robert Murray sues ‘Last Week Tonight’ host, network

The suit claims that host Oliver, the show's writers, HBO, and Time Warner executed "a meticulously planned attempt to assassinate" Murray's character and reputation.

Murray Energy CEO wants to hear this from Trump

According to the executive, the Obama administration’s policies are hurting the lowest income families and he expects rules that benefit people on fixed incomes.

CEO of Murray Energy: Coal industry conditions the worst I've seen in my 58 years

Competition from cheap natural gas and heavier environmental regulation of mines and power plants have created the poorest U.S. coal market conditions in at least 58 years, he said.

US coal miner Murray Energy sues Obama Administration

The Ohio-based company says the new ozone standards will severely harm the country's already battered coal industry.

US coal miner Murray Energy to lay off around 1,800

The planned cuts, about 21% of Murray’s workforce, will come largely at mines in Ohio and West Virginia, a state hit hard by recent coal mine closures and layoffs.

Major US coal miner sells five coal mines to focus on natural gas

Consol Energy, the largest coal producer in the eastern US, will sell off about half of its production capacity.