NIGER Mining News

Niger to pay $14.5m for 10% of GoviEx’s Madaouela uranium project

Government and company agreements also allow for the Madaouela mining permit to expand and include an additional 5.96 million pounds of measured and indicated resources.

Canadian miner wants its uranium project in Niger solar-powered

GoviEx Uranium is studying the possibility of powering its flagship Madaouela project in Niger using a renewable hybrid solar power solution.

Foraco’s camp in Niger attacked by terrorists

An unnamed source told Reuters that the assailants were believed to belong to Nigerian jihadist group Boko Haram.

France's Areva to cut Niger uranium production on price drop

Decision is in response to falling uranium prices, a local union leader said.

Areva faces "uranium-gate" in Niger

French nuclear power giant Areva is reportedly cooperating with a legal enquiry by activists who say the company cheated Niger out of $3.25 million in uranium exports.

Is this the most undervalued uranium player in the world?

Talking top value amid low uranium prices, Daniel Major gets to the crux of his pitch for GoviEx, the uranium developer he leads.

France's Areva expects uranium prices to rebound

Company acknowledges the short-term outlook is bad.

Areva reaches uranium mining deal with Niger, delays project

The Imouraren project’s production start date has been pushed back several times. It was last due in 2015.

Govind Friedland to IPO GoviEx Uranium

The company plans to use the net proceeds to pay for an environmental and social impact assessment as well as a pilot plant for its Madaouela uranium discovery in Niger.

No deal: Areva and Niger miss deal deadline again

The two parties have been negotiating a new uranium mining contract for two years now.

5,000 march against French uranium miner in Niger

Areva's contract with the Niger government covering 4,500 tonnes per year is up for renegotiation.

Semafo up 5% after adding 770koz at Burkina Faso gold mine

Total gold reserves at the Mana mine is up 28% to 2.4 million ounces.

Areva resumes operations in Niger after suicide bomb attack

Somair is the fourth largest uranium mine worldwide.

Ghana’s crackdown on illegal mining: at least 55 new arrests

Identified as nationals of Niger, Nigeria and Togo.

Suicide bombers attack Areva uranium mine in Niger

One employee dead and 14 wounded.

Workers strike at Chinese uranium mine in Niger

About 700 workers are emanding better salaries and bonus payments.

Uranium supply threatened by force majeur in Kazakhstan and Niger

Uranium supply in key producers Kazakhstan and Nigeria could be severely impeded by weather problems and political turmoil.

Gold production in Africa up almost 10% in 2011

But South Africa's output continues to fall says the Economics Group’s.

Second day of heavy losses has Semafo investors reeling

The Montreal-based company, down 21% following a dive of 17% on Wednesday, were deemed by investors to have overpromised and underdelivered on its exploration results.

Semafo up 4% after tracing new trend over 10 kilometers in Niger

The $1.5 billion company currently operates three gold mines: the Mana Mine in Burkina Faso, the Samira Hill Mine in Niger and the Kiniero Mine in Guinea.

SEMAFO discovers new mineralized horizon at Samira Hill in Niger

The Tondé Boubangou Horizon is located 20 kilometers north of the Samira Hill processing plant and has been traced over a distance of 10 kilometers.

French uranium supply threatened by strike in Niger

Niger's uranium workers have downed tools over a dispute with Areva, the French nuclear power giant that owns the Imouraren mine.

Niger wants better price for Uranium supplies

Niger, a major supplier of uranium to the French nuclear sector, wants a better price for its supplies, President Mahamadou Issoufou told state TV. Issoufou, who came to power after March elections that ended just over a year of military rule, said the poor desert state was determined to make the most of its resources.

Semafo Facing an African Gold Take-Away?

Perhaps one of the many problems facing mining companies in developing nations is that the locals – or at least some local politicians – often have little idea of the economics of bringing a mine […]

Niger, Africa’s second largest uranium producer, should see great growth

Niger, which became independent from France in 1960 and has a democratic government, is the world’s sixth largest uranium producer. Output in 2008 was 3,032 t, representing 7% of total world uranium production. Areva’s Arlette and Akoula mines, responsible for 100% of Niger’s uranium production, have produced, together, 100,000 t of output in the last 40 [...]