North Korea Mining News

North Korea admits six died in iron ore mine accident

Seven miners were initially trapped after the Jan. 9 incident at the Unryul iron ore mine, but only one survived.

North Korea lights fire under coking coal price

The totalitarian state is the number three supplier to China of the steelmaking raw material.

China won't buy any more North Korean coal this year

The economic noose is being tightened around North Korea's neck after the pariah regime ignored a United Nations resolution by testing a missile last week.

China bans North Korean coal- but only till January 

Fresh UN sanctions against North Korea aimed at punishment for a nuclear test in September will be honoured by China, the reclusive regime's most important trading and diplomatic partner.

Can North Korea save the coking coal price rally?

Met coal's stunning run is reversing as consensus forecasts point to $125 drop by year-end, but new UN sanctions could cost China its number two supplier.

China buys record North Korean coal as sanctions ignored

It appears that China is interpreting the "people's well-being" as meaning North Korea should be able to export record amounts of coal in defiance of sanctions against the rogue nuclear-armed state.

North Korea gains in China coal exports as Vietnam bows out

North Korea was the only country to boost coal shipments to China this year as Vietnamese supply slumped.

North Korea to extract maximum benefit from rare earth resources

Many countries, notably China, Japan and South Korea, are scrambling for the abundant rare earth resources of North Korea, enabling the Kim Jong-un regime to extract maximum economic and political gains.

Scepticism grows over North Korea’s massive rare earth discovery

Experts are raising questions about the legitimacy of North Korea's estimated reserves of rare earths, used from computers to cars and defense missiles.

Largest known rare earth deposit discovered in North Korea

The 216 million tonne Jongju deposit 150km north of Pyongjang, theoretically worth trillions of dollars, would more than double the current global known resource of REE oxides.

Report: North Korea secretly selling citizens' gold to pay for missiles, birthday bash

Kim Jong-un and co has sold some two tonnes of the precious metal to China.