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French energy company’s shares sink on falling demand and nuclear outages

EDF has been experiencing delays in restarting some of its nuclear reactors.

US Energy Secretary worried about coal

Rick Perry expressed concerns about the diversification of power sources and the stability of the country’s grid

Mining the Moon: Florida company one step closer

Moon Express wants to mine Helium-3 on the Moon.

Australia to feed Ukraine nuclear power plants

The deal will see Canberra supplying the necessary uranium to feed the European country’s nuclear power plants.

Three ways to play uranium: Dundee's David Talbot names his top draft picks

Dundee Capital Markets Vice President and Senior Mining Analyst David Talbot explains the turbulent currents roiling the uranium space, and names eight players he thinks are positioned just right.

Amid fierce political opposition, US uranium miner suspends mine plans

Decades-long ban on uranium mining in Virginia is proving very difficult to change.

UK lets China buy its nuclear power stations

UK's decision paves the way for China to take a stake in or own 100% of the country's new nuclear power stations.

Denmark to decide whether Greenland can start mining uranium

A majority in the Danish parliament is reportedly ready to allow the extraction and exports of the radioactive element from Greenland, which represents a historical shift in Danish foreign policy, after 30 years of opposition to nuclear power.

China sets eyes on thorium for 'clean' nuclear power generation

if they manage to crack thorium, the world will need less oil, coal, and gas than feared.

India initiates 4 of 19 new nuclear projects

State-run Nuclear Power Corp. of India Ltd. plans to raise almost $4 billion to set them up.

South Africa goes big on nuclear a year after Japan's Fukushima

Chances to build reactors grew fewer after the Fukushima accident, with many developed states trying to wean themselves off nuclear, but South Africa plans to issue a tender for one of the world's biggest atomic power deals soon.

Japan does not face another Chernobyl

What is happening in Japan is a humanitarian disaster, but not because of what primetime pundits and talking heads would have you believe.

Environmental concerns and increasing electricity demand are boosting the nuclear energy market

Supplying over 31% of electricity demand, nuclear energy plays a key role in the EU’s generation structure, and emerges as a comprehensive and cost-effective generating option. In fact, it has the potential to reduce carbon […]