Nuclear Mining News

Should we rethink nuclear power?

Nuclear may actually be the safest form of power production that we have.

US EPA withdraws proposed Obama-era rule change for uranium mining

Yet another "win" for the National Mining Association.

The world needs nuclear energy for EVs

The warming of our planet and the electrification of our energy system, which for the past century has been based on the production of fossil fuels.

MIT study suggests nuclear power crucial to future as uranium price hits 2-year high

Last week, 2.4 million pounds of uranium changed hands according to industry consultant TradeTech.

Coal plants keep shutting despite Trump's order to rescue them

Since 2010, nearly 40 percent of the capacity of the nation’s fleet of coal-fired power plants has either been shut down or designated for closure.

Russian state corporation suspends $1.2 billion uranium project in Tanzania

Weak uranium market and new Tanzania’s regulations named the main culprits.

What a Westinghouse bankruptcy could mean for U.S. utilities

The two U.S. utilities with the most at risk are Southern Company and SCANA Corp.

[Video] Energy sources 101: these short videos explain the basics

If you’ve ever searched online for unbiased and fact-driven articles on energy, you’ve probably noticed that they can be quite rare. Almost every information source seems to be pushing an agenda.

Beaver Valley Nuclear Station in Pennsylvania Shuts Down Due to Minor Fire, an Industrial Info News Alert

The station is owned by Ohio Edison Company (Akron, Ohio) and operated by FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company.

Avista Corp. Reports Financial Results for Third Quarter and Year-to-Date 2013 and Initiates 2014 Earnings Guidance

'Our third quarter results were above our expectations, and we continue to experience a good year at both the utility and Ecova,' said CEO.

Safer, more efficient nuclear fuel almost ready to hit the market

Known as tristructural-isotropic (TRISO), this fourth-generation reactor fuel can resist high-temperature accident conditions.

Entergy to shut down Vermont nuclear plant

"An agonizing decision and a tough call."

Most contaminated nuclear site in the U.S. leaking waste

Washington authorities claim no higher radiation levels have been detected at the site, but the leak could be in the range of 150 gallons to 300 gallons.

Denmark to decide whether Greenland can start mining uranium

A majority in the Danish parliament is reportedly ready to allow the extraction and exports of the radioactive element from Greenland, which represents a historical shift in Danish foreign policy, after 30 years of opposition to nuclear power.

The red queen syndrome

All through human evolution we have been harnessing increasingly effective forms of energy. From human power to horse power, to wood, coal, natural gas and uranium what we’ve been doing is searching for the highest energy density to make energy production more efficient.

India initiates 4 of 19 new nuclear projects

State-run Nuclear Power Corp. of India Ltd. plans to raise almost $4 billion to set them up.

German nuclear expert ensures safety of Lynas' Plant

Dr. Ing Joachim U. Knebel, chief science officer for Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, noted that the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) in Gebeng is safe as long as the company follows all guidelines.

Renewables cheaper than fossil fuels, nuclear by 2030

Looking at all the costs to construct and run power plants, it will be cheaper to build a wind or solar power plant within 18 years rather than one using nuclear or fossil fuel, says a research unit within the Australian Government.

Burning rivers: how coal and nuclear are sucking up our fresh water

The 20th century was characterized by the frenzied acquisition, storage, and use of oil. But many experts believe that the 21st century will be remembered as the century of water.