Nunavut Mining News

TMAC’s Nunavut gold mine moves closer to start-up in 2017

Doris North project breezes through regulatory hearings for expanded mine project

Nunavut Impact Review Board objects new diamond project

Based on comparable widths and grades, Dunnedin Ventures' Kahuna project has similarities with DeBeers’ Snap Lake.

Nunavut board allowed mining exploration on Bathurst caribou calving grounds

This is the second company allowed to proceed on breeding grounds against the advice of N.W.T. government.

Mining sector woes continue to limit economic growth in Canada's territories in 2016

Nunavut and Yukon are expected to see positive but modest growth in 2016, but the economy of the Northwest Territories (N.W.T.) will remain virtually flat this year, a report published Wednesday shows.

Explorer Aston Bay signs $40-million preliminary deal with BHP on copper asset

Tiny Aston Bay Holdings (BAY-V), a junior with a copper-zinc project in Nunavut, seized the market’s attention by announcing a preliminary joint-venture deal with the world’s largest mining company.

Mining company sheds portion of Nunavut gold mine, for now

On the heels of what they described as a “very compelling”feasibility study for the Back River gold project in western Nunavut, Sabina Gold and Silver Corp. says it hopes to have a final environmental impact study done by this November.

Government board rules against Arctic uranium mine

A $2.1 billion proposal to build a uranium mine in the Canadian far north will not be proceeding anytime soon.

Here is what it looks like when mining trucks drive across frozen lakes

In the farthest reaches of northwestern Canada, there are few people and fewer roads. When winter comes, fuel, explosives, and heavy equipment move north in an unusual way: via trucks driving on frozen lakes.

Canadian miners the world’s top buyers of assets in 2014

Gold remains the most-targeted commodity by volume, according to EY’s latest report.

Hearings start Monday on new uranium mine in Canadian Arctic

Hearings starting on Monday for a new uranium mine in Canada's Nunavut territory are attracting opposition from environmentalists and local First Nations who say the Kiggavik project impinges on important caribou calving grounds.

Baffinland Iron Ore begins mining in Canada’s Nunavut

The ore mined will be shipped during the open water season of 2015.

Baffinland’s iron ore mine in Nunavut readies to start production

The company will soon begin transporting ore up to Milne Inlet, where it will wait to be loaded onto ships during the open water season of 2015.

Nunavut's first diamond mine owners owe Canada $2 million

Shear Diamonds’ executives have been missing since last year.

Global downturn takes a toll on Canada’s north 'mining boom': report

Even with the downgrade, overall economic growth in Nunavut is forecast to be 3.4% in 2013 and 8.8% in 2014.

Areva to resume test drilling for uranium in Nunavut

The company has opened a winter road and intends to move about 200,000 litres of fuel and other supplies to the site.

Nunavut's Hope Bay gold project sold to Toronto firm

Site is believed to hold nine million ounces of the yellow metal.

Owners of Nunavut's first and only diamond mine nowhere to be found

Canadian junior miner Shear Diamonds executives and website seem to have vanished off the face of the earth.

Canada pushed to defend lead in global mining business

Canada's mining industry needs to urgently deal with the emerging challenges, said a report published Wednesday the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Canada firm as top mining destination: report

Exploration investment in the country reached a record high of $3.9 billion in 2011, with the three territories receiving 22% of the total international spending for the year.

Arctic oil extraction frozen, but mining to bring a melting $100 billion in investments

While the US interior department has launched a review of Shell’s whole Arctic oil drilling programme, mining projects look promising.

Canada Coal files new independent technical report for Nunavut coal properties

Canada Coal's Nunavut coal properties consist of seven coal licence areas, made up of 75 active licenses spanning approximately 2,442,627 acres.

Nunavut to make Canada a diamond powerhouse

Mining has become the main contributor to Canada’s Nunavut Gross domestic product (GDP), eclipsing even the government. From all the territory's riches, experts believe that diamonds will play the biggest role in Canada’s future.

MMG submits proposal for Canadian Arctic zinc-copper mine

China-backed metals producer Minerals and Metals Group (MMG) might be the new kid on the Canadian Arctic block, but it is already moving ahead with its plans to build mines in Nunavut in the next six years.

West Melville completes 2012 exploration program at the Fraser Bay project, Nunavut

The objectives of the program were to complete extensive channel sampling aimed at evaluating the direct ship ore potential of the project and to establish longer term project infrastructure.

Nunavut says there is huge gold mine in its backyard

Mining has eclipsed government as the No. 1 contributor to Nunavut's GDP, a government official told me recently.