Nunavut's first diamond mine owners owe Canada $2 million

Cecilia Jamasmie | April 16, 2013
Nunavut first diamond mine owners owe Canada $2 million

Shear Diamonds’ executives have been missing since last year.

Global downturn takes a toll on Canada’s north 'mining boom': report

Cecilia Jamasmie | March 19, 2013

Even with the downgrade, overall economic growth in Nunavut is forecast to be 3.4% in 2013 and 8.8% in 2014.

Areva to resume test drilling for uranium in Nunavut

Cecilia Jamasmie | March 19, 2013
Areva to resume test drilling for uranium in Nunavut

The company has opened a winter road and intends to move about 200,000 litres of fuel and other supplies to the site.

Nunavut's Hope Bay gold project sold to Toronto firm

Kerry Hall | March 16, 2013

Site is believed to hold nine million ounces of the yellow metal.

Owners of Nunavut's first and only diamond mine nowhere to be found

Cecilia Jamasmie | February 4, 2013
Owners of Nunavut's first and only diamond mine nowhere to be found

Canadian junior miner Shear Diamonds executives and website seem to have vanished off the face of the earth.

Canada pushed to defend lead in global mining business

Cecilia Jamasmie | January 30, 2013
Canada pushed to defend lead in global mining business

Canada's mining industry needs to urgently deal with the emerging challenges, said a report published Wednesday the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Canada firm as top mining destination: report

Cecilia Jamasmie | January 21, 2013
Canada firm as top destination for mining exploration and investment: report

Exploration investment in the country reached a record high of $3.9 billion in 2011, with the three territories receiving 22% of the total international spending for the year.

Arctic oil extraction frozen, but mining to bring a melting $100 billion in investments

Cecilia Jamasmie | January 14, 2013
Arctic oil extraction frozen, but mining to bring a melting $100 billion in investments

While the US interior department has launched a review of Shell’s whole Arctic oil drilling programme, mining projects look promising.

Nunavut to make Canada a diamond powerhouse

Cecilia Jamasmie | November 24, 2012
Nunavut turns Canada into emerging diamond-mining powerhouse

Mining has become the main contributor to Canada’s Nunavut Gross domestic product (GDP), eclipsing even the government. From all the territory's riches, experts believe that diamonds will play the biggest role in Canada’s future.

MMG submits proposal for Canadian Arctic zinc-copper mine

Cecilia Jamasmie | November 20, 2012
Areva to resume test drilling for uranium in Nunavut

China-backed metals producer Minerals and Metals Group (MMG) might be the new kid on the Canadian Arctic block, but it is already moving ahead with its plans to build mines in Nunavut in the next six years.

Nunavut says there is huge gold mine in its backyard

Winnipeg Free Press | September 29, 2012

Mining has eclipsed government as the No. 1 contributor to Nunavut's GDP, a government official told me recently.

Verdict on massive Nunavut iron ore mine imminent

Cecilia Jamasmie | September 14, 2012

Baffinland's controversial and massive Mary River iron ore mine in the Qikiqtani Region of Nunavut —almost 500 kilometres inside the Arctic circle— continues to polarize residents as the $4 billion project awaits its final approval.

Mining outlook for Canada’s North less promising than projected

Cecilia Jamasmie | September 13, 2012
pessimism, negative outlook

Sinking global commodity prices have negatively impacted Canada’s North near-future mining outlook, but longer-term prospects for the industry in the three territories remain strong.

De Beers, Peregrine Diamonds joint venture for Chidliak is a go

Cecilia Jamasmie | September 10, 2012

De Beers has the exclusive right to enter into a joint venture agreement with Peregrine for the Chidliak diamond project located on Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada.

Low diamond prices forces suspension of Nunavut mine

Cecilia Jamasmie | September 10, 2012
Owners of Nunavut's first and only diamond mine nowhere to be found

The reason that drove the company to stop looking for diamonds in its high-grade stockpiles last week was the “continuing weak world diamond prices."

Canadian Arctic mining boom draws in China-backed MMG

Cecilia Jamasmie | September 5, 2012
Inuit inukshuk in Nunavut

The new kid on Canadian Arctic block is announcing plans to build two mines in Nunavut in the next six years.

Winning iron at the Olympics. Fresh charges of conflict of interest over giant Arctic iron mine

Frik Els | August 9, 2012
Arctic road mining

The president of the Qikiqtani Inuit Association is on a junket at the London Olympics as a guest of ArcelorMittal, which is in the final stages of getting approval for its giant iron mine on Inuit land.

Nunavut Mine? Inuit want none of it

Joshua Zapf | July 10, 2012

Inuit in northern Quebec are requesting another review into how Baffinland's Nunavut-based iron ore project will effect the surrounding area.

Stornoway reports initial 26.1 million carat mineral resource estimate for the Qilalugaq Project, Nunavut


The Qilalugaq Diamond Project includes the Qilalugaq kimberlite pipes and the Naujaat system of kimberlite dykes, and has been the focus of ongoing exploration and assessment work by Stornoway since it was optioned and subsequently acquired from BHPB Billiton Diamonds in July 2006 and July 2010.

Canadian government of Nunavut allows uranium mining

Cecilia Jamasmie | June 8, 2012
Nunavut 333

Announced yesterday, the government of Nunavut is in favour of uranium mining on the condition that the radioactive ore be used for peaceful and environmentally responsible purposes only.

Positive PEA lifts Sabina stock price 5% Editor | May 29, 2012

A positive PEA for it Black River gold project in Nunavut, Canada gave Sabina Gold & Silver (TSX:SBB) a 5.6% bump in its stock price Tuesday.

Shear recovers 3,500 carats from Jericho diamond mine in Nunavut, Canada

Cecilia Jamasmie | May 1, 2012

Canadian junior Shear Diamonds Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:SRM) announced today it’s begun processing diamonds from the stockpiles at its Jericho diamond mine in Nunavut, Canada.

Canada becoming world class iron ore region, copper to rally H2 -Scotiabank's Mohr

Mineweb | April 30, 2012
Outline of Canada with a red Maple leaf

China's push to diversify its supplies away from the big three iron ore miners is propelling development that will transform Canada's Nunavut/Labrador Trough into a world-class iron ore region.

Prosperity Goldfields Corp. and Smash Minerals announce completion of amalgamation

Heavy drilling machine at worksite

Prosperity Goldfields Corp. ("Prosperity") (TSX VENTURE:PPG) andSmash Minerals Corp. ("Smash") (TSX VENTURE:SSH) provide an update on their amalgamation and the core drilling program at Prosperity's Kiyuk Lake gold property, Nunavut.

Nunavut uranium mine could open by 2017

Andrew Topf | April 20, 2012

Areva's Kiggavik mine in Nunavut, northern Canada, could be open as early as 2017, CBC News is reporting.

Vale seeks nickel near Repulse Bay

CBC Ottawa | April 5, 2012

Vale — the second largest nickel producer in the world — plans to begin looking for nickel this year on the Melville Peninsula near Repulse Bay, Nunavut.

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