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US coal tycoon Robert Murray sues ‘Last Week Tonight’ host, network

The suit claims that host Oliver, the show's writers, HBO, and Time Warner executed "a meticulously planned attempt to assassinate" Murray's character and reputation.

US EPA says fracking can impact drinking water resources

The agency said such statement, however, cannot become a “national, systemic conclusion” about the impacts of the oil and gas extraction method.

Eighty-six years after Ohio’s worst mining disaster scars persist, but life goes on

Despite the incident happened 86 years ago, the emotional and economic wounds of Millfield coal mine explosion persist, but this photo essay is also a testimony to the resiliency of those who chose to stay and reassemble their lives from the ground up.

US coal miner Murray Energy sues Obama Administration

The Ohio-based company says the new ozone standards will severely harm the country's already battered coal industry.

Fracking has no 'widespread' impact on drinking water — EPA

But findings could have been limited due to insufficient amount of data and the presence of other possible contaminates that made it impossible to conclude fracking's effects on certain areas, says EPA.

Obama unveils long-awaited fracking rules

The updated regulations, in the works since 2012, set standards for wells and disposal of wastewater. They also require disclosure of chemicals used.

Workers allegedly denied safety gear, told coal ash ‘safe enough to eat’

American Electric Power faces lawsuit.

Ohio firm granted rights to shipwreck's gold worth up to $80m

The SS Central America ship sank off the South Carolina coast in 1857 and has been the subject of legal disputes for about 30 years.

EPA considers stricter disclosure on fracking fluids

The agency will begin soliciting comment on whether companies should publicly list the chemicals used to extract fuels out of the ground.

Fracking one "probable cause" of South Texas earthquakes

News comes on the heels of another study implying a link between fracking and the recent wave of earthquakes that has hit Ohio.

Fracking blamed for massive wave of earthquakes in Ohio

The state registered over 100 earthquakes in less than a year. Study links them to fracking.

Fracking companies take advantage of Amish religious beliefs

Kenoil agent commits fraud in duping Amish farmer.

Will shale create Ohio ghost towns in 2040?

IHS, in a study published on what it says is the new American future, finds that the upstream unconventional oil and natural gas sector in the United States could support as many as 3.5 million jobs by 2035.

Romney hits back at Obama over 'war on coal'

"This is a time for truth. If you don't believe in coal, if you don't believe in energy independence for America, then say it."