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Leading science journal approves of Keystone XL pipeline

One of the world's preeminent science journals has lent its support to the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline in a recent editorial.

US energy spending must increase to impact climate change

A leading source of opinion in the scientific world has called for US President Barack Obama to increase spending on energy R&D in order to make a meaningful difference to the climate change issue.

Australian miners resort to 'backdoor listings' as IPO market languishes

Australia's mining and oil companies have increasingly resorted to disingenuous "backdoor listings", as the country's IPO market continues to languish.

Australia could see shale oil boom following $20 trillion discovery

An immense deposit of shale oil estimated to be worth over AUD$20 trillion has been found beneath the earth in South Australia

Unplanned maintenance lowers production at Suncor

Guidance lowered