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BHP gets nod for Petrohawk takeover

BHP Billiton has received approval from the US competition regulator for its $US15.1 billion ($A14 billion) takeover of shale gas company Petrohawk Energy.

Debate intensifies over climate change aspects of Canada's oil sands pipeline: New York Times

As the State Department weighs approving an oil pipeline stretching from Canada to Texas, experts are divided on whether the Keystone XL project would worsen global warming.

Bullish oil technicals

Averaging $96 so far this summer, crude oil certainly doesn’t feel cheap.  Nevertheless, its technicals are looking increasingly bullish.  After recently bouncing out of a major correction, oil appears to be embarking on a new […]

National Geographic profiles proposed pipeline to carry oil sands crude to the B.C. coast

A proposed oil pipeline running from Alberta to the B.C. coast gets a critical look by National Geographic, a media company that has a potential reach of 280-million people each month. The article, Pipeline Through Paradise, looks at the coastline and the potential for mis-haps. The Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Project is a proposed $5.5-billion pipeline running 657 kilometres from Bruderheim, Alberta to Kitimat, located on the central coast of British Columbia. The oil would then be sent overseas on tanker traffic.

Some facts on the Albertan oil sands

Oil sands are also commonly referred to as tar sands. According to The Tyee [www.thetyee.ca] the term tar sands was more widely used than oil sands to describe Alberta's bitumen fields until the 1960s, when the provincial government made it a formal policy to call it oil sands.

Commodities Technical and Fundamental Analysis for the Week of July 25, 2011

Oil Technical Analysis for the Week of July 25, 2011 Light Sweet Crude The week has been bullish for this contract, but we still see the $100 area act as a massive barrier. However, on the daily charts it is clear that every dip becomes more and

Iran says remains Opec second-largest producer

Iran's Opec governor Mohammad Ali Khatibi says country is the second-largest oil producer in Opec (File Photo) Iran retains its position as the second-largest producer in Opec despite the group's report that Nigeria has now obtained the rank, one of the

U.S. State Department to assess Canadian oil pipeline next month

The U.S. State Department said Friday it expects to issue a final environmental assessment next month on TransCanada Corp's (TRP.TO) proposed $7 billion pipeline that would deliver crude from Canada's oil sands to refineries to Texas. The pipeline has been opposed by many lawmakers and environmentalists for greenhouse gas emissions associated with oil sands production and because the line would run across one of the world's largest aquifers.

Commodities finish higher; crude edges up, while gold ends near record territory

Commodities finished higher with crude oil erasing early losses and ending just shy of $100 a barrel. Gold futures advanced to near record territory, trading above $1,600 an ounce.

Drilling Down: Groundwater risks imposed by in situ oil sands development

"Groundwater is a key turning point for the future of oil sands development and environmental management," says William Donahue, Ph.D., science advisor to Water Matters, an Alberta-based water-policy think-tank,

Canada to boost oil sands monitoring

The Canadian government is set to spend Canadian $ 50 million per year ($ 53 million) on monitoring and controlling of air and water pollution from its oil sands projects in northern Alberta, in a bid to accelerate the US decision to allow a TransCanada crude oil pipeline transportation project to the Gulf Coast.

Comprehensive environmental monitoring plan on deck for oilsands

The federal government is set to announce Thursday a comprehensive environmental monitoring plan for the oilsands that will boost tests on water, air, animals and plants — and seeks to spruce up the international reputation of the massive bitumen resource. According to government sources, the $50-million "integrated oilsands environment monitoring plan" developed by teams of scientists will spur increased scrutiny of everything from acidification in lakes to the health of fish — across provincial and territorial boundaries.

Alberta Oilsands Inc. Announces Results of the Review of Year End Clearwater Reserves

SERVICES OR FOR DISSEMINATION TO THE U.S.A. Calgary, Alberta CANADA, July 20, 2011 /FSC/ - Alberta Oilsands Inc. (AOS - TSX Venture)(the "Company" or "AOS") and its independent reserve evaluator, Ryder Scott Company Canada - Petroleum Consultants ("Ryder

Montana won't allow oil sands equipment headed to Alberta on state roads

Imperial Oil’s plan to truck huge pieces of oilsands mining equipment through Montana and into Alberta has hit a speed bump. Montana Fourth Judicial District Court Judge Ray J. Dayton issued a ruling Tuesday that prevents the state’s Department of Transportation from granting the permits required to transport the oversized loads.

Restricting U.S. imports of Canadian oil ignores America's dependence on imported oil and will force it to buy oil from repressive governments

Attempts to restrict U.S. imports of Canadian oil ignore the reality of U.S. dependence on foreign oil and could force America to buy oil from repressive governments that restrict civil, political, and economic freedoms, concludes a new study released today by the Fraser Institute, Canada’s leading public policy think-tank.

An oil slick runs through it

In Montana, ranchers reel from the oil spill on the iconic Yellowstone River.

Cnooc to pay $2.1 billion for Canada oil sands firm

OPTI Canada, a bankrupt oil sands producer, has agreed to sell itself to a wholly-owned subsidiary of the China National Offshore Oil Corporation, in a deal worth $2.1 billion, the company said on Wednesday. Cnooc, as the Chinese oil giant is known, has been an active deal maker as it seeks to feed China’s ravenous demand for energy.

Connacher Oil and Gas initiates SAGD+ project at Great Divide

Connacher Oil and Gas Limited announced Monday that it has initiated the injection of solvent with steam on two of seven horizontal steam-assisted gravity drainage well pairs on one of three wellpads at the company's bbl/d Algar bitumen production operation at Great Divide in Alberta's oil sands. This pilot project is designed to measure the increase in bitumen production due to the downhole reduction of bitumen viscosity, through the interaction of the solvent and bitumen at the steam oil interface and the amount of solvent recovered after it is injected.

Closer scrutiny of Alberta oil sands pollution in the offing

Alberta should establish an independent agency to monitor the environmental impact and pollution from oil sands development, an independent panel told the provincial government in a report released Tuesday. The Alberta Environmental Monitoring Panel was formed in January under pressure from environment groups when questions emerged over the quality and comprehensiveness of environmental reporting on the oil sands. Canada's oil sands also come under fire recently when it was revealed that the federal government deliberately excluded data indicating a 20% increase in pollution in a climate change report to the UN.

Oilsands Quest falls again after $60 million rights are offered at deep discount

Oilsands Quest stock was trading down around 15% in early afternoon trade on Tuesday after the company announced it was hoping to raise $60 million in a rights offer to advance its flagship Axe Lake oil sands project in Saskatchewan. The company is offering existing shareholders 300 million rights at a 40% discount to the share price last Friday, a day on which Oilsands Quest rocketed more 61% on 10-times usual volumes after Saskatchewan converted its Axe Lake permits to 15-year leases. The company has been forced to raise money and go it alone after a fruitless 11-month quest to find a strategic partner.

Opec sees slower growth in demand

World oil demand is likely to grow more slowly in 2012 because of a fragile global economy and deepening decline in consumption in Europe, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) said in its first forecast for next year.� Oil

Japan the new darling of Energy speculators

Read more : crude oil,natural gas,crude oil price,japan oil,libya oil Speculators now look to Japan for trends in global energy prices as the country has become a huge impact in international crude and gas prices. Japan has been boosting its consumption

Shell Bets Big On GTL With Its Pearl Project in Qatar

As production begins at Shell’s Pearl project, Qatar looks set to soon become the “GTL capital of the world”

What the frack? Analysts cool towards BHP's shale gas purchase

BHP Billiton's friendly $12 billion takeover of the US gas company Petrohawk is the group's largest in six years, and its most ambitious foray into the controversial business of shale gas extraction through a process called hydraulic fracturing or fracking. While the transaction is a coup for Petrohawk – its shares duly rose 65% to match the takeover price – analysts are skeptical about the prospects of BHP Billiton, the world's most valuable miner, making a success of the deal considering its poor track record with acquisitions, its relatively limited experience in the fracking business, environmental concerns and warnings that it is again buying at the top of the cycle.

Oilsands Quest rockets after Saskatchewan approves first oil sands leases

Oilsands Quest stock was trading up more than 60% at the close on Friday on more than 10-times usual volumes after the company announced it has received approval from the Government of Saskatchewan to convert portions of permits for its flagship project at Axe Lake to 15-year leases, the first oil sands leases in Saskatchewan. The stock was clobbered earlier this week after the company said it will ask for more cash from investors because its almost one-year long global quest to find a heavyweight partner had come up empty handed.