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North West Redwater Partnership awards contract to Jacobs

Jacobs Engineering Group, a diverse provider of professional, technical, and construction services, has received an engineering, construction and procurement services contract from the North West Redwater Partnership for a new oil refinery to be developed in Alberta, Canada.

Obama: 'questions' about 'destructive' oil sands; Senator wants trade inquiry

President Obama was asked about oil sands at an energy town hall today in Pennsylvania. He said it was a “good thing” to get oil from friendly and stable countries such as Canada, but said he would not pre-judge the State Department permit process for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta to the Gulf Coast.

Signs point to U.S. approval of oil sands pipeline

At a town hall meeting in Pennsylvania in early April, President Barack Obama was asked about a bitter fight between industry and environmentalists over a proposed $7 billion, 2,000-mile pipeline to ship crude from Alberta's oil sands to Gulf Coast refineries. Because the pipeline crosses the U.S.-Canadian border, a decision on a permit is pending

Private funding for energy ministers meeting a ‘corrupting influence’

Alberta government, which is hosting the conference. Starting Saturday, politicians will visit the Calgary Stampede, tour Alberta’s oilsands and spend time in Kananaskis discussing a proposed national energy framework, among other policy issues. The

Hacker group targets RBS over oil deals

Royal Bank of Scotland, the taxpayer-owned banking giant, has been threatened with cyber-attacks by the hacker collective Anonymous, for lending financial support to oil projects in Canada.

Opti Canada files for creditor protection

Reuters) - Opti Canada Inc , whose major asset is a stake in Nexen Inc's troubled Long Lake oil sands project in northern Alberta, filed for court protection from creditors on Wednesday as it agreed on a equity-for-debt swap with bondholders. Opti said

Protesters demand Schweitzer end support for pipeline, megaloads

More than 100 environmental activists from across the country descended on the Montana Capitol on Tuesday to demand Gov. Brian Schweitzer rescind his support for the Keystone XL oil pipeline and ExxonMobil's megaload transportation project.

Stepping up aboriginal presence in oilsands workforce

Governments and industry are putting up $1.5 million for a mobile business-incubator project designed to help fledgling firms get into the oilsands industry. All along Highway 881 — called the SAGD Alley, after the steam-assisted gravity drainage system of oilsands production — which runs from Fort McMurray south to Lac La Biche, aboriginal communities are in the midst of Alberta’s booming underground oilsands region.

Saskatchewan's crude hopes dashed as Oil Sands Quest takes a beating

Proving that nothing is a sure bet – not even the development of prime bitumen fields – Oilsands Quest on Tuesday suffered a second day of heavy losses, dropping 10% shortly after the open. The losses come after the company said it will ask for more cash from investors because its almost one-year long global quest to find a heavyweight partner has come up empty handed. It is also bad news for Saskatchewan’s oil sands aspirations as Oilsands Quest was hoping to build the province’s first thermal mine but does not have the wherewithal to go it alone.

Globe says Pardy favours Suncor over Nexen, others

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Oilsands killing birds, habitat, report says

Canada's massive oilsands projects are cutting a deadly swath through one of the most valuable avian nurseries left on the planet, wiping out habitat and nesting areas used by millions of birds each

TransCanada Plays Down Keystone XL Risks, Researcher Says

XL pipeline. The pipeline is an expansion of an existing pipeline that delivers synthetic crude from Canada’s oil sands to the United States. Several environmental groups are urging regulators and the State Department not to approve Keystone XL,

RBC predicts sizzling returns from Suncor

to benefit from the escalation in world oil prices given their two-thirds oil production weighting, while exposure to oil sands offers security of supply and a long resource life, analyst Greg Pardy said in a research note. The second-quarter earnings

Examining the Risks and Rewards of the US Shale Boom

Understanding the strategy of companies involved in shale projects is fundamental for investors in order to determine their own investing strategy.

Concern for whooping cranes in Alberta

Environmentalists worry oilsands development could threaten whooping cranes, as new data shows the iconic endangered species continues to migrate through the increasingly industrialized area. G.P.S information collected last fall by U-S and Canadian agencies on 12 whoopers show that nine of them stopped in and around the oilsands region. Image from Flickr user szatmar666

Labour shortage bigger challenge than ever

An executive from a big-name construction company drew laughs at a recent business conference when he urged everyone in the room to go home and make babies — so dire is the need for workers in Alberta. It’s no joke for employers;

Oil sands in Canada eyed by U.S., China

In the northern reaches of Alberta lies a vast reserve of oil that the United States views as a pillar of its future energy needs. China, with a growing appetite for oil that may one day surpass that of the United States, is ready to spend the dollars for a big piece of it.

Canadian governments dish out $876 million for Shell’s oil sands carbon capture project

Royal Dutch Shell (NYSE: RDS.A) will receive C$876 million from both the Canadian federal government and also the Alberta provincial government for its Quest carbon capture and storage project at the company's Scotford Upgrader plant in the Alberta oil sands. Shell's Quest project would represent the first oil sands operation to sequester carbon from its upgrading facility. The funding will be dispersed over a 15 year period, with the majority, C$745 million, coming from Alberta's provincial government.

Keeping an eye on the oilsands

Are oilsands projects putting northern Alberta's future in peril? Or can we believe industry's assurances that all's right in our world? Political leaders and environmentalists across North America have had their say. But what can Albertans believe?

Kate and Wills learn about oilsands during Calgary Stampede visit

It's not often that the media gets a chance to make a headline out of "Kate and Wills" and "oilsands". The opportunity came on Friday, when the Royal couple, which is doing a cross-country tour of Canada, visited a greenhouse at the Calgary Zoo to learn about oilsands as part of their visit to the annual Calgary Stampede.

Pipeline delays cost oil sands producers $33m per day in lost revenue

The price oil sands producers can charge fell to $96/barrel on Friday while global crude prices remained firmly around the $118/barrel level as Canadian supplies swamp the US. Canada exports two million barrels of crude to the US per day of which 1.5m come from oil sands meaning Alberta's bitumen mines are losing out on a possible $33m in revenues each and every day. Building new pipelines would remove the glut but it’s almost three years since TransCanada first applied to extend its Keystone pipeline and Enbridge’s project to pipe crude to the west coast for export to Asia will languish for another 18 months in a review process. All this while US need for crude continues to seep away and Chinese demand grows at double digit rates.

Climate change and disaster in Montana

"We're a disaster area," Alexis Bonogofsky told me, "and it's going to take a long time to get over it." Bonogofsky and her partner, Mike Scott, are all over the news this week, telling the world about how Montana's Exxon Mobil pipeline spill has fouled

Is The industry Obsessed With Automation

In Europe, the question of “human-free drilling” continues as a major topic of discussion. Text Size: A | A Tayvis Dunnahoe, Senior Editor Stay Connected Get daily industry updates in your inbox. Free. OilandGasInvestor Daily UGCenter Daily E&P

China daily crude steel output at record in Jun

China's daily crude steel output hit a record high at the end of Jun amid a construction boom, Reuters reported. Daily output in China, the world's top steel-producing country, hit 2.018 million tonnes in the last 10 days of Jun, up 3.2% from the