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Possible partners intrigued by Athabasca's serendipitous Leduc oil find

Potential joint-venture partners have been intrigued by a hefty oil discovery Athabasca Oil Sands Corp. made by way of happy accident, said the company's top executive.

Crude oil falls on slowing U.S. consumption

Bloomberg reports that Oil plunged on concern that poor U.S. economic growth will reduce demand. The market news is quoted as saying: The IEA announced the release of 2 million barrels a day for 30 days yesterday to make up for supplies choked off by an armed rebellion in Libya. The U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve will provide 30 million barrels, European members will supply about 20 million and Asian nations the remainder.

Galena Capital Corp. Continues Due Diligence on Oil Sands Technology

Galena Capital Corp. (TSX VENTURE: FYI) (the "Company" or "Galena"), a TSX Venture Exchange listed company, has received the initial independent report on the previously announced (May 30, 2011 News Release) Imperial Petroleum Inc. (Imperial) Oil Sands Recovery Demonstration.

Precious metals hurt by oil reserve release

IBTimes reports that the release of reserve oil caused commodity prices to drop across the board with the greatest toll affecting the precious metals markets.

Imperial signs exclusive license agreement for SANDKLENE 950

Imperial Petroleum, Inc. announced that it has purchased the exclusive rights to manufacture, distribute and use MDEChem’s patented chemical catalyst in the recovery of oil from tar sands. MDEChem will receive an upfront payment plus an ongoing royalty from sales of the product. Imperial had previously announced the formation of Arrakis Oil Recovery, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary, which owns licensed technology that uses SANDKLENE 950 in its oil sands recovery technology.

Oil sands, health and energy highlighted at Canadian Light Source

Understanding the environmental impacts of the oil sands, advances in health research illuminated by synchrotron light, and the role that synchrotron techniques play in nuclear energy research are all topics for discussion by scientists from around the world during the Canadian Light Source's 14th Annual Users' Meeting June 24 and 25.

Caribou in Athabasca oil sands threatened by human presence

The caribou population in the Athabasca Oil Sands area in Alberta, Canada could be extinct in 30 years due to human activity, according to new research. Wolves have been blamed for the dwindling caribou population in parts of Alberta, but research published in the June issue of Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment says human activity related to oil production and the timber industry could be more important than wolves in the caribou population decline.

Athabasca Oil Sands' ups reserve estimates; raises capex

Canada's Athabasca Oil Sands Corp said it increased its net resource volume by 10 percent and raised its capital expense to drill more wells.

'US economy could be one of the big surprises in H2' 2011 – SocGen

In its latest Quarterly Commodities Review, Société Générale takes the view that , at a "time of significant doubt for the outlook for the global economy" the recovery is sustainable and the bank is looking for a stronger second half-year. Headwinds persist, however, and the recovery in the advanced economies is likely to remain relatively sluggish.

Oil sands attract 5,000 people a month to Alberta

New Statscan data on the first quarter population estimates for the country and the provinces shows Alberta's population reached 3,758,200 at the end of March, an increase of just under 15,500 since the start of the year. Net inflows were the highest since 2006.

Oil sands pipeline bill poised to advance

The House Energy and Commerce Committee is slated to vote on a bill aimed at accelerating federal approval of a controversial pipeline that would expand U.S. imports from Canada’s oil sands projects. The oil industry-backed bill – which House GOP leadership hopes to bring before the full chamber this summer – would require an Obama administration decision on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline by Nov. 1.

Ecology Alberta's vanishing caribou Oilsands activity blamed for caribou decline

Beginning of Story Content Humans, not wolves, are behind declining caribou populations in Alberta's oilsands region, an analysis of animal feces shows. The same research also found there may be many more caribou in the region than previously thought,

Oil sands stocks hit hard by reserves move

Canada’s most valuable oil companies Suncor and Canadian Natural Resource – together worth over $100bn – were trading down over 3% on Thursday before recovering some ground following news that 2m barrels of oil per day - equal to Canada's total daily exports to the US – will be released onto the market over the next month. The International Energy Agency said 28 of its members, with the US providing about half of the total, would tap their strategic oil reserves in an effort to make up for lost output as Libya's civil war drags on.

Commodities fall most in seven weeks

Bloomberg reports that commodities dropped the most in seven weeks after the International Energy Agency announced plans to release emergency oil supplies.Gold for August delivery fell 2.4 percent to $1,516.60 an ounce, the first drop in eight sessions, and palladium for immediate delivery declined 2.2 percent to $747.25 an ounce.

Oil sands M&A expected to heat up

Canadian Business reports merger and acquisition activity is expected to increase in Canada's oilpatch this year, as energy executives take a brighter view of their sector's prospects, according to a study released Wednesday. But the positive outlook is dampened somewhat by cost escalation for labour and equipment, the Ernst & Young report said. In 2010 Canadian energy M&A activity was dominated by oil sands. While the $4.65bn Sinopec-Syncrude deal was the largest the total the number of oil sands transactions tripled.

Connacher Oil to sell Halfway Creek stake

Calgary Herald reports Calgary-based Connacher Oil & Gas Ltd. said it, along with Alberta Oil Sands Inc., will sell the entire working interest in Halfway Creek oilsands leases in northeast Alberta to focus on its core Great Divide assets. Connacher Oil, which owns oilsands leases in Alberta, holds 50 per cent in Halfway Creek, while the remaining is held by Alberta Oil Sands.

The outlook for natural gas: the stocks with upside around the corner

Timing is everything in the market and being able to spot trends is critical for locking in attractive returns. Natural gas producers have taken a beating over the past three years but there are encouraging signs that natural gas might be ready for a break to the upside.

Suncor finishes upgrader maintenance work

Suncor said production at its oil sands operations north of Fort McMurray, Alberta, had now returned to normal. The work on Upgrader 2 reduced output at the facility by 215,000 barrels per day over its

UN climate inventory data clashes with new Environment Canada report

Environment Canada has been criticized for excluding statistics indicating a substantial rise in overall pollution from the oilsands sector from 2008 to 2009 in its inventory report, while including numbers suggesting the industry was making progress

MEG Energy moves forward with Christina Lake oil sands project in Alberta

Flint Energy Services Flint Energy Services Ltd. signed a letter of intent for a major oil sands construction contract with MEG Energy for its Christina Lake Phase II SAGD oil sands project near Conklin, Alberta.

Lemon or Lamborghini Investors require the full picture on oilsands liabilities

Ever tried buying a car without an inspection? Or having only the engine examined but not the brakes? If so, you'd be playing a game of chance if the car had some rather expensive upcoming maintenance bills. Turns out for investors wanting to put their cash on the oilsands, it's currently not possible to have the full picture on oilsands liabilities Image is from Endleez at Wikipedia.

Canadian Natural Resources Ups Horizon Oil Sands Project

Suncor Energy Inc. reported Monday that it successfully completed planned maintenance work on one of its two oil sands upgraders (U2) at its oil sands operations near Fort McMurray safely and on schedule. Oil sands […]

President and CEO Claude Mongeau says CN's Alberta short-line rail acquisitions, upgrades total C$400 million: Rail investments key to economic growth in oil sands and other natural resource regions of northern Alberta

Claude Mongeau, president and chief executive officer of Canadian National Railway Company, said today the company will have invested almost $400-million to buy and rehabilitate four short-line railways serving resource-rich regions of Northern Alberta by year-end 2011.

Flint Announces MEG Energy Award and Increase in Backlog

Flint Energy Services Ltd. (Flint, the Company) announced today that the Company has signed a letter of intent for a major oil sands construction contract with MEG Energy.

Flint gets Alberta oil sands construction contract

Suncor Energy's Firebag project since the first quarter of this year. Including the new agreement with Canadian oil sands developer MEG Energy, the added backlog for Flint's facility infrastructure segment is about C$300 million.