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Only US oil sands mine hit by protests

21 of 80 Utah Tar Sands Resistance members arrested during physical confrontation.

Energy stocks no bear refuge

The lofty US stock markets have stalled out, looking more and more top-heavy with each passing day. This is spawning growing unease among prudent investors, who sense the long-overdue major selloff is nearing.

Bob Moriarty: On the road to Armageddon, take shelter in resources

The worst place to be right now is bonds. The second worst place is the Dow and the S&P. The safest place to be is resources.

Athabasca oil sands: A blessing or nuisance?

Canada contributes about 2% to the global GHG emissions, of which 0.1% is emitted from the Canadian oil sands.

The billionaire fighting to stop Keystone XL

Tom Steyer has been dubbed the liberal version of the Koch brothers.

Oil sands crude price doubles since December

A spike in the global oil price and a rapidly narrowing discount has sent oil sands crude soaring to $89.25 a barrel from five-year lows of $45 in December.

Mozambique guerrillas threaten country’s energy infrastructure

The first European colonial empire to be established, Portugal’s overseas territories were some of the last to attain independence, leaving aftershocks which reverberate to this day, particularly in Mozambique.

Canada tries to outmaneuver pipeline opponents

The Canadian government says science is on its side when assessing tar sands pipelines.

CHART: Oil sands crude's deepening discount

Canadian heavy oil is falling further behind US crude and global prices.

SLIDESHOW: Mining billionaires 2013

How the mighty have fallen.

Pricing in pipelines? Canadian crude price surges 70% in three months

The price oil sands producers receive surged to $77 a barrel, up from $45 in December.

Welcome to Canada, land of the $63 barrel of oil

Saudis get $110.

What's lowering the break-even price of natural gas?

Natural gas bulls keep pointing to the declining gas rig count in the US as a reason for a near-term turnaround to the upside in prices.

Choosing the right oil company to own in 2013

Crude oil production and capex absolutely control the energy space right now.

B.C. budget overestimates natural gas revenue: consultant

Report notes the budget relied on private-sector forecasts of natural gas prices and those forecasts have regularly missed their targets.

The end game for oil and gas juniors: Interview with Chris Cooper

The oil and gas game can be a tricky one for junior companies, but if played right the pay-off can be massive.

U.S. approves $15.1 billion CNOOC-Nexen deal

Canadian oil and gas company Nexen’s shares climbed over 2% after the announcement.

"Peak Oil" impacting Norwegian and Saudi 2013 production?

While it is hard to ramp up much sympathy for petro-states, Norway and Saudi Arabia are both facing a murky 2013 as domestic production falls, pushing both nations towards some difficult (and expensive) choices.

Kinder Morgan ups TransMountain capacity plans

Company will increase capacity to 890,000 bpd from 750,000 to meet new long-term contracts

FIRE SALE: Oil sands players now get $45 a barrel vs global price of $109

Not too many Alberta producers make money as Canadian crude falls to 5-year low of $64 below global price.

China resubmits deal to acquire Canada’s Nexen to US regulator

In an unusual move, Chinese state-owned CNOOC and Canada’s Nexen Inc. (NYSE,TSX:NXY) have resubmitted notice of their potential deal to US regulators, which will reset the clock on Washington’s approval for the $15 billion energy deal.

Petronas new Progress takeover offer gives CNOOC fresh hopes on Nexen

China’s bid for Nexen may get a boost if a Malaysian company successfully acquires Canada-based Progress Energy Resource Corp.

Energy PR at its worst

IEA spins oil stats to make US top 'oil' producer.

Is Pakistan's paranoia pushing it into a nuclear war with India?

The possibility of a nuclear war between Pakistan and India grows every day.

It's just looney: Oil sands crude crashes through $60 a barrel

The international benchmark sits at $107 a barrel, while US oil fetches $85.