Paladium Mining News

BC mining financing dropped 40% in 2016

The mining industry still received 29% of the Canadian province’s top-grossing corporate financing deals.

The silver lining of the 'violent, stunning, historic collapse of palladium' and how to profit from it

Chen Lin, author of the popular newsletter What Is Chen Buying, What Is Chen Selling?, explains what happened and how investors can profit from the drop.

Palladium loses its lustre for traders

FT reports in 2010 the market loved palladium. It was the best-performing precious metal. But, as Barclays Capital points out in a note, 2011 has seen palladium fall off its pedestal. At about $600 an ounce it has shed 25% since the start of the year. Industrial demand – the primary factor determining prices – for platinum and palladium took a severe knock from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami disaster in March but supply disruptions and falling grades in South Africa, the world’s number one miner of the two metals, and ongoing political turmoil in Zimbabwe, the country with the second largest deposits, could provide a floor for the price.

Hunt For Uranium Assets Starts To Get Heated

The global uranium market is dominated by just 10 players – companies that account for 60% of the world’s production of yellow cake. While Canada’s Athabasca Basin remains the hotspot for the highest-graded uranium coming out of the ground, other countries are pushing hard to ramp up their own uranium markets, such as Kazakhstan, Tanzania and Namibia, which is about to finalize its first nuclear policy by the middle of the year.