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Stillwater Mining: Here's why this palladium miner is selling off

What the heck happened to Stillwater Mining (SWC)? This company is the largest US miner of palladium and platinum. While many analysts are still predicting supply deficits for platinum and palladium, this stock totally collapsed earlier this month.

Next wave of precious metals boom about to come and going to be big- Equedia

Time for picking up bargain gold stocks may be nearing a close but the key is to look for companies with great projects in mine-friendly jurisdictions, but more importantly, a management team that can get things done.

Commodities rise after Greek plan details emerge

Financial markets — including commodities — surged after details from the highly-anticipated EU Summit were released. Germany's demand that private investors be a part of any Greek bailout, which will likely be considered a partial default by ratings agencies, seems to have been met.

Lonmin reaffirms platinum sales target; upgrades unit costs

Lonmin PLC (LMI.LN), the world's third largest primary platinum producer, Thursday said it expects to meet its annual platinum sales target, provided there are no work stoppages, and raised its annual unit cost guidance to reflect reduced output in previous quarters. The U.K.-listed, South African miner expects to sell 720,000 troy ounces of platinum in the financial year ending Sept. 30 and expects annual unit costs to rise 11%, up from a previously forecast 8%, due to production setbacks stemming from industrial action and six fatalities during the first six months of the financial year.

Prophecy Platinum keeps climbing days after releasing PGM-gold resource

Prophecy Platinum's (TSX-V:NKL) rocket has yet to run out of fuel. Five days after it released a PGM-gold-nickel-copper resource its shareprice continued on a steep upward trajectory.

PGMs, nickel explorer ends dispute with Constance Lake First Nation

Thunder Bay-based Zenyatta Ventures has ended its dispute with Constance Lake First Nation after the leadership of the 1,470-strong community decided to no longer pursue a motion of injunction against the junior explorer in exchange for better co-operation and preferential job opportunities. Zenyatta can now advance its Albany project south of the so-called Ring of Fire in the James Bay lowlands where it is exploring for nickel and platinum group metals with a purported value in excess of $1 billion.

Canada stocks gain on strong commodities

Strong metal and oil stocks lift the TSX Composite Index Tuesday as the loonie rallies on expectations of eventual rate hike.

London platinum/palladium 0945 fix – July 19

FIX PREV FIX PLATINUM 1784.00 (1765.00) dlrs PALLADIUM 796.00 ( 786.00) dlrs per troy ounce

Why a large upward price movement in platinum is ahead

For the past week or two, the price of platinum at the NYMEX futures exchange has gone into repeated transient episodes of backwardation. As this author has explained in past articles, backwardation in a precious metal usually means that a shortage exists in the marketplace, and hidden momentum is building for a very strong upward movement.

Worldwide bailout coming: Protect your wealth with precious metals

The big talk these days is of the debt ceiling in the US having to be raised. The US is lucky they can do this unlike other countries such as Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ireland and others who need to be bailed out or pass huge austerity measures.

Commodities 2011 halftime report

Commodities don’t all perform in the same way. In any given year, a particular commodity will go gangbusters and outperform the group.

Palladium set to regain title of most precious metal of all

In 2001 palladium reached $1,080/oz when gold was only $300/oz and platinum $715/oz. Three factors will help fuel palladium to surpass its 2001 high and well beyond says Market Oracle: Chinese auto production is expected to go from 18 million units in 2010 to a staggering 30 million vehicles by 2020. A vehicle's catalytic converter requires about 1/20th of a troy ounce of palladium and/or platinum and since platinum costs 124% more than palladium ($1,735 vs $776) it is reasonable to assume automobile manufactures will elect to use cheaper palladium. Secondly the looming palladium supply deficit and thirdly the exemplary success of pure palladium ETFs which already have over $1 billion in assets representing roughly 1.3 million oz of palladium taken off the market.

North American Palladium draws bullish bets

Shares in the platinum and precious metals mining company rose as much as 6.4% at the start of the session to an intraday high of $4.98 before the broad market soured during Fed Chairman Bernanke’s second day of testimony on Capitol Hill.

Commodity falls and fears for stress tests see FTSE decline

Falls among commodity issues sapped the strength of Britain’s top share index yesterday, as worries over global growth clouded the demand outlook for metals and oils. At the close, the FTSE 100 index was down 59.48 points.

Critical minerals and materials

In this article I am going to take a look at three reports covering what the US and Europe consider critical or strategic minerals and materials.

Byron King: Will platinum prices persist?

The lure of platinum is driving Energy and Scarcity and Outstanding Investments Editor Byron King's investment choices for precious metals. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, he explains the looming demand and global opportunities. "We could see platinum prices skyrocket," he says.

Carbonization over PFA-protected dispersed platinum: an effective route to synthesize high performance mesoporous-carbon supported Pt electrocatalysts

An alternative and effective route of synthesizing mesoporous carbon supported Pt nanoparticles is introduced. In reverse order to the conventional synthetic route, carbonization occurs after dispersion of platinum.

Tantalum and Platinum May Replace Silicon-Based Flash Memory

Platinum Today reports that tantalum and platinum may soon replace the materials in a silicon-based flash memory.

NUM declares dispute with Northam Platinum division

The management of the Zondereinde division of Northam Platinum Limited (Northam) confirms that the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) has declared a dispute with the company.

Platinum Group Metals dip on European debt crisis worries

Bloomberg reports that platinum group metals dipped today as concerns over the European debt crisis grow.

Stillwater Mining plans US$487.1 million acquisition of Peregrine Metals

Stillwater Mining, the only platinum and palladium producer in the U.S., announced on Monday that it will acquire Peregrine Metals for US$487.1 million. Peregrine Metals is a publicly-traded exploration and development company with gold and copper projects in Argentina and Peru. The company is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

One-Step Separation of Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium: A Three-Liquid-Phase Extraction Approach

Three-liquid-phase extraction and one-step separation of platinum, palladium, and rhodium in the system composed of diisoamyl sulphide (S201), polyethylene oxide-polypropylene oxide random block copolymer (EOPO), Na2SO4, and H2O were investigated.