Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. Mining News

Potash Corp. receives consensus recommendation of "hold" from brokerages

Thumbs up from the nineteen ratings firms that are presently covering the stock.

New Potash Corp CEO keeps output tactics

Last year's fertilizer price plunge called strategy into question.

Thousands of Israelis protest against Potash Corp intended acquisition deal

Hundreds of workers blocked the entrance to a plant belonging to ICL, the company that Potash Corp wants to acquire.

PotashCorp reportedly in merger talks with Israeli smaller rival

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan (TSX:POT) is allegedly in talks with the Israeli government concerning a potential merger/ takeover of Israel Chemicals Ltd. in a deal that may be worth over $13.5 billion.

Potash Corp warns profit to be lower than forecasted

Potash Corp. (TSX, NYSE:POT), Canada's largest fertilizer producer, said Wednesday it was revising its outlook because of delays in reaching contracts with commodity buyers in India and China.

Report rejects Chinese takeovers as threat to Canada

Most Chinese takeovers in the resource sector do not pose a threat to national security, says the author of a new report on Chinese investment in Canada.

New report says potash could come off the boil

A new report by DRBS, a rating agency, warns of increasing volatility in the potash sector with a possible softening of prices, mostly due to supply factors.

India takes another stab at buying into Belaruskali, won't talk contracts with other producers until July

Indian officials will visit Belarus later this month to restart negotiations to buy a stake in the ex-Soviet country's state-owned potash producer after suspending contract talks with Canadian and other producers until July.

Potash to Extend Production Cuts With Allan Mine Shutdown

Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan Inc. (POT), the world’s largest fertilizer producer by market value, will extend cuts in potash output as buyers of the crop nutrient delay purchases.

Potash Corp and Mosaic settle over Esterhazy

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan on Thursday announced the settlement of its litigation with Mosaic over their respective rights and obligations at Mosaic's Esterhazy mine. Potash Corp says the end of the legal battle "dovetails" with its expansion programme designed to increase production to 17.1 million tonnes a year by 2015.

PotashCorp cyberattack needed 100 people to pull off

CBC News is reporting that last fall's cyberattack on government agencies looking for confidential information on PotashCorp was much larger than previously disclosed and the perpetrators seemed to be after insider information. Seven Canadian law firms were attacked, along with various government agencies. Analysts estimate that the well-coordinated attack must have involved 100 people or more. Although the attacks were traced back to China, that does not mean the attacks were carried out by that country. The Chinese government denies any involvement.

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. Declares Quarterly Dividend

SASKATOON, Nov. 9, 2011 /CNW/ - Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. announced today that its Board of Directors has declared a quarterly dividend of US $0.07 per share payable February 9, 2012 to shareholders of recordJanuary 19, 2012.

World potash supply won't reach capacity this year: PotashCorp official

A top executive at Saskatchewan PotashCorp says potash producers will not be able to meet the 2011 world supply capability of 61 million tonnes. David Delaney, PotashCorp executive vice-president and chief operating officer, said in a conference call Tuesday that "hitting the target would have required "perfect production, very little downtime. When you're pulling all these operations around the world that hard, it's really difficult to do."

Reuters: Shares of PotashCorp, rivals slide as grain prices wilt

Reuters reports: Shares of Potash Corp and other fertilizer producers ebbed on Monday despite bullish industry data as a decline in U.S. corn and wheat prices signaled weaker demand for crop nutrients. PotashCorp said on its website that potash inventories at the end of June fell more than 270,000 tonnes from the previous month, with North American inventories about 26% below the prior 5-year average.

Saskatchewan potash production could come close to record levels this year

Potash will play a huge role in Saskatchewan's predicted economic growth of an average rate of 3.5% over 2011 and 2012, according to the latest economic forecast by Scotiabank. Potash production is expected to climb close to its 2007 peak of 11 million tonnes in 2011, after suffering a dramatic 60% drop during the recession of 2009.

Mosaic ordered to supply PotashCorp pending trial

Potash miner Mosaic will have to continue supplying rival PotashCorp with potash while a court reviews whether a supply deal between the two companies has ended, the Manitoba Co-operator reported: Minneapolis-based Mosaic Co. said Thursday it has been ordered by Saskatchewan's Court of Queen's Bench to keep supplying PotashCorp with potash from the Mosaic mine at Esterhazy, Sask., as per the terms of a tolling agreement which Mosaic claims was concluded in May.

PotashCorp adding 5 million tonnes of capacity

Canadian potash producers are ramping up production targets in anticipation of increasing demand for the mineral, as farmers buy more fertilizer to boost crop yields. On Wednesday Saskatchewan Potash Corp. said it will squeeze an additional 5 million metric tonnes of potash capacity from its existing mines, according to company CFO Wayne Brownlee, speaking at an investor conference in Toronto.

Analysts see potash prices rising throughout 2011

Two separate Wall Street reports gave fertilizer producers a boost on Tuesday. Investment bank Citigroup upgraded its recommendations for the two top producers Mosaic and Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan to buy citing strong global agricultural fundamentals and reduced Chinese exports. In a separate opinion Barron's magazine over the weekend said Mosaic's stock is worth a look as potash prices are predicted to rise throughout the year thanks to depleted inventories and consolidation among Russian producers.

Motley Fool asks if Potash Corp is a Buffet stock

Motley Fool puts Saskatchewan’s Potash Corp. through the Warren Buffet test this week. Ilian Moscovitz of the investment site rates the world’s biggest fertilizer manufacturer in terms of the criteria – consistent earnings, good management and a simple business among others -- laid out by the legendary investor in Berkshire Hathaway's most recent annual results filing. There is renewed interest from investors in Potash Corp., which operates six mines in the Canadian province, on the back of rising global food prices, record earnings at the company, and after BHP Billiton’s nearly $40bn hostile takeover bid was scuppered by the federal government in November last year.

Potashcorp sees more green pastures

When Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan released its Q1 financial statements on Saturday, it said there were more good things happening in the industry. "With rising demand putting pressure on global supplies of a wide range […]

Q1: PotashCorp Reports Record First-Quarter Earnings on Stronger Prices and Volumes

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. (PotashCorp) today reported record first-quarter earnings of $0.84 per share1 ($732 million), 71 percent above the $0.49 per share ($444 million) earned in the same period last year. Strong demand and improved prices for all three nutrients resulted in record first-quarter gross margin of $1.1 billion, significantly above the $729 million earned in last year’s first quarter. Earnings before finance costs, income taxes and depreciation and amortization (EBITDA)2 of $1.1 billion and cash flow prior to working capital changes2 of $899 million substantially exceeded the first-quarter 2010 totals of $776 million and $633 million, respectively.

PotashCorp’s Allan mine in expansion mode

The increase in the demand for potash, along with higher prices, is fuelling an expansion of PotashCorp's Allan mine in Sasatchewan, The Star Phoenix reports. The $550 million expansion began in 2009 and is expected to push production at the site from two million to three million tonnes per year by 2012: “Over the last two decades the potash industry has been fairly stable, it had plateaued,” said Larry Long, general manager of the Allan mine. “Now with all the influx of orders for potash, the market has expanded quite a bit, countries all over the world are using our product at a higher rate, so we are in a position where we have to expand to meet the demand.

Potash inventories tighten in January

PotashCorp said on Tuesday that inventory in January was down 84,770 tonnes, about 24% below the previous five-year average. PotashCorp produces approximately 23% of the world's supply of potash. It is also a major producer of phosphate and nitrogen. Current spot prices puts potash at just under $400 a ton. Jay Taylor, editor of J. Taylor's Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks newsletter, says that major potash firms are trying to improve their positions, so they can benefit from a sector that is expected to grow.

PotashCorp CEO says company is essentially, 'sold out' in Q1

As PotashCorp reported the second highest sales in its history, CEO Bill Doyle forecast a record 9.5 million to 10 million tonnes of potash production this year.

PotashCorp on the Chinese Market and ‘Ludicrous’ Takeover Proposals

That a fertilizer can become the next gold may seem hard to believe. That a fertilizer can become the next gold may seemhard to believe.  However, when Canadian company Potash Corp, a fertilizer producer based in Saskatchewan, overtook the […]