Potash Mining News

Mesa Uranium Corp. (TSX-V: MSA) – Lithium Bearing Mineral Brine Claims Acquired in Utah

Investment Highlights Mesa’s primary focus is now the Green Energy lithium project in Utah. Lithium is known to occur on and around the property at values as high as 1,700 ppm Li, 7.9% potash, 18.7% magnesium […]

Majors Rediscovering British Columbia

As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information Many of the world's largest mining companies use to have a strong presence in British Columbia – […]

Lithium ABC’s

As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information The Puna plateau sits at an elevation of 4,000m, stretches for 1800 km along the Central Andes […]

Potash Takeover Action Heats Up in Canada

By Marc Davis, www.BNWnews.ca The race to build up Canada's potash supplies to keep pace with burgeoning global demand is turning Saskatchewan's tiny handful of junior potash explorers into ripe plums for the picking. Last […]

Project News paints a diverse metals and minerals picture

Latest issue of International Mining Project News available (July 17): This issue we cover a wide variety of minerals and metals ranging from the usual batch of iron ore, cobalt, gold, silver, uranium, zinc and nickel projects to oil sands, fluorspar, potash, tin and chromium projects. We also have reports from two diamond projects (one in [...]

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan expects huge economic benefits from expansion

SASKATOON – Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan says thousands of jobs will flow from a multibillion-dollar expansion at three of its mines in the province. The company unveiled some details Wednesday of the economic impact from […]

Potash Corp. looks to aboriginal community to help fill future employment needs

The president of the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan says the world's largest fertilizer producer must reach out to the aboriginal community to help meet its future employment needs.

Billion-dollar potash biz looking to Northern Ontario suppliers

PotashCorp to spent $6.4 billion across its six Canadian sites By: Nick Stewart Affectionately known as "pink gold," potash may prove to be the next mineral to power economic growth amongst Sudbury service and supply […]

Booming fertiliser demand boosts potash miner

Potash Corp of Saskatchewan (PotashCorp) today reported record second-quarter earnings of $2.82 per share ($905.1 million), a 220% increase over the $0.88 per share ($285.7 million) earned in last year’s second quarter. This represents the highest quarterly earnings in company history - 62% above the record $1.74 per share ($566.0 million) set in first-quarter 2008 [...]

PotashCorp to spend US$1.6 billion to add 2.7 million tonnes of fertilizer capacity

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. , the world's largest fertilizer company, plans to spend US$1.6 billion to add 2.7 million tonnes of potash capacity at three of its Saskatchewan mines and mills…topix