Potash Mining News

Canadians to develop space mining tool

Deltion Innovations aims to design a drill that would prospect for water, ice and resources on the moon and beyond.

Breakthrough aircraft to transform remote mining

Lockheed lands $480m customer for aircraft combining power of helicopter, airplane and hovercraft dramatically altering mining and exploration economics.

Ultra-bearish call on copper, oil prices

Barclays says commodity gains this year not supported by fundamentals– sector vulnerable to wave of investor liquidation that could knock prices down 20–25%.

Afghanistan may contain large resources of undiscovered potash: USGS

Together with other Central Asian countries it is said to have the potential to hold between 39 and 54 billion metric tons of undiscovered potash resources.

The end of the global diversified miner?

New report predicts mining's majors will increasingly move away from diversification strategies to concentrate on competitiveness in certain core sectors.

Private capital is ready to invest $7 billion in mining

Half of private capital funds say it's easier to find attractive investments in the sector new study finds.

CAT sales show mining slump only getting worse

Industry bellwether Caterpillar's global mining equipment sales drop 42% as Asia-Pacific and Latin America orders fall off a cliff.

Karnalyte, Indian fertilizer co agree to build new potash mine

Karnalyte Recources (TSX:KRN) has inked a major deal with an Indian fertilizer manufacturer to build a new potash mine in Saskatchewan.

BHP's $14 billion Jansen potash becomes latest victim of commodities rout

BHP has cut $130 million from this year's planned $330 million capital expenditure to develop and study the feasibility of the project.

Warning of another string of mining bankruptcies in 2016

Rate of corporate defaults could be double historical average going back to 1920 says new study.

Here’s where mining investors should be placing their bets

As a country, however, Canada is falling out of favour.

PotashCorp to idle two mines temporarily

Allan and Lanigan will stop producing for 4 weeks starting on March 20.

Eritrea looks to build mining sector to kick-start economy

The country aims to have four mines in operation by 2018 producing gold, copper, zinc and potash.

Exeter leads $6 million research project to find essential new mineral deposits

Scientists from the University of Exeter will lead a ground-breaking new collaborative research project to discover crucial new deposits of essential raw materials across Europe.

Canada’s Ontario the slowest to issue exploration permits — report

Growing wait times for permits may hinder Canada's ability to take advantage of its considerable mineral potential, warn experts.

The story of the great mining project that wasn’t so

Here’s how you can prevent this from happening to you

Argentina’s new government scraps mining taxes

President Mauricio Macri has revoked a 5% tax imposed by the previous administration on mining companies.

Potash prices to fall even further — Mosaic

It expects to sell the key crop nutrient for $200-230 a tonne in the current quarter, compared to an average price of $254 a tonne in the previous three-month period.

Mining among unhappiest industries to work in — study

Experts looked at over 500,000 survey responses from over 60,000 employees in 13 different industries worldwide.

Luxembourg joins race to conquer space mining

The move comes only three months after U.S. President Barack Obama signed a space exploitation law.

Driest mines in North America

Some of the mines on this list get less than 100 mm of precipitation per year.

PotashCorp profits fell 50% in 4th quarter

The company recently announced the closure of its new potash mine in New Brunswick, resulting in the loss of up to 430 jobs.

CHARTS: Chinese supercycle can't be repeated

Mining hits a BRIC wall.

CHART: Stop panicking about Chinese growth

China’s slowdown is nothing new. Growth peaked in 2007 and had been on a clear downward trend since 2011.

Rick Mills: How to profit from the demands of a growing world population

As the world prepares to house, feed and care for 9.7 billion people, Ahead of the Herd founder Rick Mills is looking for the companies that will profit from the silent tsunami of demand creeping up on resource and healthcare providers.