Rare Earth Mining News

Rare earth minerals discovered in Carribean soil

The Jamaican government has announced the discovery of an abundance of rare earth minerals in its soil by a team of Japanese scientists.

Greenland rare earths: PM would welcome 'thousands of Chinese workers'

Autonomous Danish territory is "too reliant" on fisheries and EU subsidies.

While your shares were tanking, Molycorp was funding research to eliminate need for rare earths

Molycorp is down 22% after putting on hold production expansion. Yesterday the miner gave money for a new $120 million institute tasked with finding alternatives to the very stuff it is mining.

Japan to scour the bottom of the Pacific for rare earth deposits

Scientists from Japan plan to search the floor of the Pacific Ocean for rare earth deposits in bid to reduce the nation's dependence on China for the key industrial materials

Miners warned about Myanmar, Tajikistan and Bolivia investments

These aren't the only countries facing creeping nationalization

China sets eyes on thorium for 'clean' nuclear power generation

if they manage to crack thorium, the world will need less oil, coal, and gas than feared.

Pele Mountain sells Pigeon River project to Zara Resources

Pele will receive its consideration in the form of 2.25-million Common Shares of Zara at an issue price of $0.10 per share.

China's 2013 rare earth production, export caps can't stop prices diving

WTO dispute over Chinese quotas was a meaningless exercise to begin with.

Lynas finally fires up Malaysian plant, ignites REE stocks

Australian miner rockets 14% after saying first commercial rare earths available within weeks. Molycorp et al surge in sympathy.

Cavan Ventures Inc.: First phase of Pythonga project completed

The program, completed in Q4 2012, consisted of channel sampling, limited line cutting, limited radiometric survey, surface delimiting for future stripping and prospecting.

Peak Resources hosts webcast to review results from scoping study for Ngualla rare earths project

The company highlets high net present value (US$1.57 billion), high internal rate of return (53%) and a rapid payback period.

Rare earth phone scams fleece credulous UK investors

Cold-call sales reps offer investors dyprosium and yttrium by the kilo

South Korea turns to Japan to reduce rare earth reliance on China

Imports of rare earth minerals from China plunged in 2012, while Japan-sourced supplies more than tripled

Molycorp becomes takeover target as market capitalization sinks below net assets

Molycorp share prices sink to record lows following many difficulties last year, leaving the American rare earth producer a highly appealing takeover target

Greenland can, but doesn’t want to, be globe’s new top rare earth producer

Greenland’s treasure trove of rare earth metals, the largest deposit outside of China, cannot be mined because the elements are connected to restricted radioactive materials.

China and Japan could clash in 2013

Leading international relations expert says open warfare could break out between China and Japan next year

Midland exploration completes $2.8 million private placement

Midland Exploration Inc. is pleased to announce that it has completed its previously announced private placement with Laurentian Bank Securities Inc.

Australia's Northern Minerals Ltd. secures offtake agreement for Browns Range rare earths project

Australia's Northern Minerals Ltd., formerly Northern Uranium Ltd., has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a major global mining and chemicals player for future offtake of product from its Browns Range heavy rare earths project.

Resource nationalism assumes more insidious forms

Tactics shift from frank expropriation of assets to increased royalties and stricter procurement requirements

Despite 2012 commodities slump emerging market demand set to fuel higher, more volatile prices

"In a resource-constrained world, value creation moves towards the owners of resources" is the conclusion of a new report from McKinsey

Rare earth toy ban could spell the end for Bucky Balls

Spate of ingestion-related incidents leads to calls for banning of novelty office toys

Lynas wins operations appeal in Malaysia

A Malaysian court dismissed an appeal against a temporary operating licence for Lynas Corp (ASX:LYC), an Australian rare earth miner, despite residents' opposition over alleged radioactive hazards.

Japan to subsidize underwater rare earth venture

Tokyo’s new governor, Naoki Inose, announced the city would subsidize companies joining a project to mine rare earth elements from the seabed off Minami-Torishima Island, to the southeast of Tokyo.

The rare earth sector needs these three things to prosper

We need a lot more clarity regarding Japanese demand and Chinese supply.