Rare Earth Mining News

Solvay begins operations at 2 rare earth recycling plants in France

Solvay is officially opening two rare earth recycling units in France today. The plants obtain rare earths from end-of-life equipment such as low-energy light bulbs, batteries or magnets.

2,900 mines closed down in China's coal and rare earth region

Inner Mongolia, a semi-autonomous region in the north of China, has shut down nearly 900 coal mines and 2,000 other mines as part of a 7-year effort to better manage the country's mining industry.

Now on! Rare earth clearance sale

Talk of a bottom in rare earth prices seems premature as China's magnet factories run at 40% capacity.

Brazil a step closer to fully mining the Amazon

A controversial project to mine Brazil's vast indigenous territories in the Amazon, to be presented at the South American country’s Congress in October, has revived a long-dragged confrontation among authorities, environmentalists and local communities.

Greenland – The next mining destination

Greenland could become the next global mining frontier, as global warming uncovers precious metals from glacial surroundings, states new research by natural resources experts GlobalData, a UK-based global business intelligence provider.

The astounding rise of western rare earth extraction: Jack Lifton

Got a rare earth deposit? Great. Got a mine? Even better.

Islands dispute: Why China won't use rare earths against Japan

Rare earths are much less of a trade weapon in Chinese hands than in the past.

Afghanistan to reveal final bidders for giant gold deposit

The Afghanistan Ministry of Mines said Tuesday it opened its final bid for the Badakhshan gold deposit, located in the northeastern province of Badakhshan.

China's stockpile effort could stabilize rare earth metals prices: Brandon Tirpak

In the next few weeks, China's government will begin stockpiling roughly ¥6B worth of rare earth elements. Does this mean a price floor is imminent?

Lynas to face more troubles over Malaysian plant

According to a report by Fairfax Media, Lynas Corporation Limited may face more obstacles at its rare earths processing plant in Malaysia after a group of activists confirmed its commitment to obstruct the project.

'Eastwooding' space miners pitch ideas to 'invisible Obama'

No U.S. president has waxed as poetically about mining the moon the way John F. Kennedy did about landing on it. But that didn't stop four entrepreneurs from making their best pitches Sept. 11 to two empty chairs.

The truth about rare earth, the technology metals

Just as the Bronze Age catapulted human civilization to new levels, critical metals are changing the way we live today. Rare earth elements, the group of resources used in the production of several high-tech goods from weapons to cell phones, seem to be leading the way. But why are these elements so important and what exactly are they? The folks at Visual Capitalist have put together one of their famous infographic explaining just that.

China's stockpile effort could stabilize rare earth metals prices: Brandon Tirpak

In the next few weeks, China's government will begin stockpiling roughly ¥6B worth of rare earth elements.

Afghanistan's trillion-dollar mineral assets imperilled by corruption

Mining companies would give their eye teeth to exploit Afghanistan’s recently discovered $1 trillion of untapped mineral wealth, but analysts warn that corruption, war and lack of infrastructure are likely to keep delaying a mining boom in the country.

Matamec finishes 16,000 metres definition drilling campaign on its heavy rare earths Kipawa deposit

The company announced today the the completion of a 16,158-metre drilling campaign on the heavy rare earths-yttrium-zirconium Kipawa deposit, located on the Zeus property.

China and Japan maritime dispute extends to ocean floor mineral finds

Disputes between China and Japan over offshore territory have proceeded a step further with both countries competing for exploratory licenses to large swathes of the Pacific Ocean floor.

Lynas OK to operate controversial rare earths plant in Malaysia

Malaysia's Atomic Energy Licensing Board granted a temporary licence for an initial two-year period under strict safety requirements.

India looks for rare earths under the sea

India is already building a rare-earth mineral processing plant in the east coast state of Orissa and will invest $135 million in a new exploration ship and the refurbishing of another vessel to mine minerals under its oceans.

Molycorp announces start of Californian rare earth operations

Molycorp Inc. (NYSE:MCP) has announced that its new Project Phoenix heavy rare earth concentrate facilities situated at Mountain Pass in California have commenced operation, marking the beginning of the US company's bid to challenge Chinese […]

Waterloo announces commencement of fieldwork program

The company has commenced on the Ice River Property, located 30 kilometres South East of Golden, British Columbia.

India's state-owned rare earth miner heading for Odisha's beaches

The identified area is the second coastal stretch in Odisha, where deposits of rare earth minerals have been found.

Molycorp steadies itself after another brutal sell-off

Molycorp recovered somewhat on Monday after a brutal Friday when the rare earth miner was beaten down 11.8% – it was also one of the most actively traded stocks on the NYSE – after an analyst raised doubts about its Mountain Pass mine ramp-up plans.

And you thought Molycorp had it tough: Some Chinese REE miners report 90% drop in earnings

Downstream companies are playing a wait and see game, hoping to capitalize if rare earth prices decline further.

Will your REEs suffer Molycorp contagion?

In this exclusive Critical Metals Report interview, Chris Berry of House Mountain Partners discusses what really matters in a rare earth element company, and why investors should exercise patience.

Analysts say dump Lynas

Analysts from Foster Stockbroking told investors to purge their shares in rare earths miner Lynas Corporation as there is no end in sight for the ongoing problems that have forced the company to halt operations in Malaysia.