Rare Earth Mining News

Meet China's new rare earth mega-company

China is delivering on its promise to consolidate its mining industry with the formation of a new rare earth mega miner, the new “mega-corporation” will “team up” with rare earth producers in the provinces Shandong, Gansu and Sichuan.

A specialty metals primer

In this exclusive interview with The Critical Metals Report, Fulp clears up the confusion and talks about some in-demand elements many investors may have never even heard of.

Greenland Minerals finalises full ownership of Kvanefjeld multi-element project with equity-based transaction

Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd (ASX:GGG) is an exploration and development company focused on developing high-quality mineral projects in Greenland.

Molycorp stock in freefall as falling cash flow forces it to find new financing

Today's decline brings Molycorp's losses since hitting a high of $77.54 on May 3 2011 to over 80% giving it a market value of $1.1 billion.

Rare earths and graphite— the critical factors for success: Gareth Hatch

Comparisons are useful in evaluating a company, but in the rare earth market, it's not as simple as a spreadsheet.

Retreating ice reveals huge riches in Greenland

Business Insider has the story about Greenland and global warming, which is peeling back thick ice and uncovering vast mineral wealth.

Molycorp production push to challenge Chinese rare earth dominance

The USA's largest rare earth producer Molycorp (NYSE:MCP) is mounting a credible challenge to Chinese rare earth dominance by dramatically scaling up output and potentially increasing its global market share to 30% from 4% at present.

Peak Resources announces $5.5 million private placement

The company sold approximately 32.3 million units at $0.17 per share. Existing shareholders in Peak will be provided with the opportunity to subscribe for up to $15,000 worth of shares under a share purchase plan capped at $2.0 million.

China's rare earth exports plunge by over 40%

The volume of rare earth minerals legally exported from China for the first half of 2012 plunged by 42.7% year-on-year to hit 4,908 tons according to statistics from China's customs authorities.

China cracks down on illegal rare earth mines in Guangdong province

Police in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong announced on Tuesday that they have shut down nine rare earth mines operating illegally in Longchuan county over the past six months.

Three steps to rare earth mining success

It's a complicated business, but Alex Knox has a simple recipe for successful rare earth mining. In this interview with The Critical Metals Report, Alex Knox of AWK Geological Consulting discusses some exciting projects with all the right ingredients.

WTO probe ratchets up rare earth tensions with China

The World Trade Organization will investigate China's quotas and tariffs on rare earth minerals following prompting from the US, EU and Japan, who allege the export restrictions are in contravention of international trade regulations.

Matamec Receives a Payment of $8.5 M CAD from Toyotsu Rare Earth Canada

"Matamec is the only rare earth exploration company to have received funds to accelerate and complete a feasibility study and an environmental and social impact assessment study of a HREE deposit."

Rare earth mining rights in China have just been cut in half

The Chinese government has halved the number of rare earth mining rights in the country pulling 65 permits in all, according to a report by ChinaDaily USA.

Discovery of rare earth minerals on ocean floor could break Chinese stranglehold

Recent discoveries of rare earth minerals at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean could break China's existing stranglehold on supply of the key raw materials.

First iron ore, now rare earths: China to launch physical trading platform

The exchange will be located in Baotou city in Inner Mongolia region, which is home to nearly half the world's light rare-earth output.

Stans Energy up 10% after producing heavy REEs in Kyrgyzstan ahead of schedule

The company said 50kg of dysprosium with 99.9% purity was separated from resins remaining from past production runs at the former Soviet Union's number one rare earth plant.

Short supply, high demand for platinum group metals

Labor problems and low prices have platinum mines closing up shop in South Africa, and the potential for acquisitions is ripening.

China blocks WTO rare earths arbitration as US critical minerals bill goes to a vote

"Passage of this legislation is an important step toward recovering the 22,000 rare earth-related jobs the U.S. has lost since the 1980s.”

REE stocks are down but not out: Siddharth Rajeev

Equity investing is squarely in a risk-off phase and few sectors have been hit harder than junior mining.

Mining companies committed to UN human rights principles: study

New research released Monday indicates that listed mining and resources companies across the world are keen to comply with the UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, which were officially adopted one year ago, but must keep up the momentum in order to maintain public confidence in their efforts.

Rarest element in REE debate is rationality

News from unnamed sources that quoted unnamed analysts that China has started stockpiling rare earths had the industry buzzing this week.

Abundant zinc could replace scarce and pricey indium in solar panels

Oxford University researchers looking for more efficient and cheaper ways to manufacture solar panels have found a possible solution in lowly base metal zinc.

Crossland/Pancontinental accelerate program to enhance, expand, and de-risk the Charley Creek rare earth project

The companies have begun a program to rapidly enhance, expand, and de-risk the Charley Creek rare earth mining project in Australia.

Ucore Comments on the Announcement of a Chinese Rare Earth Stockpile

In response to China's announcement to stockpile critical rare earth oxides, Ucore urges the U.S. government to do the same.