Rare Earth Mining News

US studies new law to speed up one of world's longest permitting processes

"What is new is the growing awareness of its implications for our nation, particularly in a highly competitive world economy in which the demand for minerals continues to grow, especially in fast growing economies led by China and India."

We need to talk about how rare earth prices are imploding

Declines in Chinese rare earth export prices coming off 2011's record highs have been stark. But this year some light REEs have halved again and some heavies are now almost $2,500/kg cheaper.

Rare earth juniors have a five-year window: John Kaiser

In 1992 in the junior mining sector, nobody was paying attention to diamonds. Then Lac de Gras was discovered. Within four years, there were 200 diamond exploration companies. Twenty years later, there are six junior companies still in the game. The REE junior space will be similar, but in a shorter timeframe.

Broadcast live today: How James Cameron's company will mine asteroids

Google's billionaire co-founders Larry Page and Eric Schmidt and filmmaker James Cameron will officially announce today plans to mine asteroids. The company's presentation will be broadcast live today at 1:30 p.m. ET.

China's moves to stop REE price declines 'likely to fail'

Rare earth metals consultants TRU Group said on Monday that recent attempts by Chinese suppliers to stem sharp declines in prices since the third quarter of 2011 is "likely to fail."

Honda would like those rare earth metals back

In another attempt to reduce its dependence on China's strangehold on rare earth element supply, Honda announced that its dealers will start to recycle old cars to extract the rare earth metals from the nickel-metal hydride batteries.

Not at the top: rare earth ranks fifth for supply risk

In a supply risk index of chemical elements that are of economic value, four elements placed ahead of rare earth.

Canadian miner vies to be major rare-earth supplier

The race is on for mining companies vying to become the world's next big producers of heavy rare-earth minerals, used to manufacture components for everything from vent fans for jet engines to laser-guided systems for smart bombs.

Lynas putting Malaysian opposition to its operations behind it: analysts

Australian analysts from Foster Stockbroking say confidence in rare earths miner Lynas Corporation (ASX:LYC) is returning after the Malaysian High Court dismissed an appeal against the company's Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP).

Canada makes good on promise to streamline mining, oil and gas projects

The Canadian government followed through on last month's budget promise to streamline environmental reviews of resource projects with a plan for "responsible resource development."

IMF forecast gets more upbeat

The International Monetary Fund increased its outlook for the world's economy on Tuesday, saying it expects global GDP to expand by 3.5 per cent this year.

Pele Mountain waves gold goodbye to focus on rare earths and uranium

Canadian rare earth explorer Pele Mountain Resources Inc. (TSX-V:GEM)(OTCQX:GOLDF) announced today that it has entered into a binding agreement to sell its Highland Gold projects to a wholly owned subsidiary of Prodigy Gold Inc. (TSX-V:PDG) for US$1.8 million.

Canada on the rare earth runway: Pele climbs 18% on updated PEA

Canadian rare earths explorer Pele Mountain Resources closed up 18% on Monday after the Toronto company announced an updated PEA on its Eco Ridge project.

U.S. Defense Department undervaluing importance of rare earths for national security: report

The U.S. Defense Department needs to realize the dangerous consequences a potential lack of domestic rare earths may have on the U.S. weapon industry, suggests a latest study by the Congress released last week.

Processing plant to cost $302 million- 1/3 of Avalon's rare earth project capex

Avalon Rare Metals, whose Nechalacho rare earth prospect in Canada's Northwest Territories is in the midst of a feasibility study, today announced the results of a separate prefeasibility study for the separation plant, to be built in Louisiana.

Rare Element Resources revises Bear Lodge economics. Stock is now up 75% for the year

Rare Element Resources added 2.6% in after hours trade on Thursday after releasing a revised pre-feasibility study at Bear Lodge with improved economics, bringing its gains for the year to 76%.

Lynas wins a battle, but war with Malaysians who oppose rare earth plant goes on

In what could be considered a slight victory for embattled Australian rare earths miner Lynas Corporation (ASX:LYC), the Malaysian High Court ruled today against a request to review a recent decision to grant the Lynas a temporary licence (TOL) for its processing plant.

Look ma, no rare earths

Hitachi has built an 11-kilowatt motor that uses no rare earth materials. The motor took four years to develop, and commercial production is expected in two years.

GeoMegA closes the second tranche and completes its brokered private placement

GéoMégA owns 100% of the Montviel Rare Earths/Niobium project in northern Quebec.

Molycorp's rare earth reserves jump 36%

U.S.-based Molycorp, Inc., one of the only non-Chinese producers of rare earths, announced today that its proven and probable reserves of rare earth minerals at its Mountain Pass, California facility have increased by 36 percent, according to a new independent estimate.

Rare earths shortage would spur Pentagon action, official says

The Defense Department would intervene in case of a shortage of rare earth materials for defense electronics and motors, Brett Lambert, the Pentagon official responsible for industrial policy, said.

$8.4 billion rare earth deposit discovered in Brazil

Brazilian miner World Mineral Resources (WMR) has found a large reserve of neodymium, one of the 17 rare earth elements, in the western Bahia state, which could bring US$8.4 billion to the country.

Ready, set, go: China’s long-awaited rare earth industry group is already here

In a move to curb the rampant domestic illegal mining of rare earth, as well as to regulate its rare earths players, China launched on Sunday its industry association for the precious metal commodity, as MINING.com anticipated last week.

Gold juniors available at bargain prices: Brien Lundin

What do the gold market and the weather have in common? You can forecast both, but predict neither, according to Brien Lundin, chief executive of Jefferson Financial and publisher of Gold Newsletter. Lundin, who also organizes the New Orleans Investment Conference, isn't focusing on if there will be rain or sun in the market, he told The Gold Report in this exclusive interview.

Molycorp is up 38% in 2012, but still cheap say analyst

Molycorp’s mould-breaking deal with Neo Material Technologies has sent its shares rocketing and the counter is now up 38% so far this year, but some analysts say it's still a cheap buy for any potential acquirer.