Rare Earth Mining News

EU watching rare market closely, determined to secure supplies – trade chief

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the region's trade chief said it was determined to secure supplies of the metals from both China and alternative sources.

China to continue and update 2011 rare earths quotas-Commerce Ministry

Chinese officials say the country will continue with rare earth exports and are still pondering 2011 rare earth export quotas, but promise a timely decision.

Toyota tries to pull the plug on rare earths

ETFdb reports that Toyota may find substitute for some of the rare earths it consumes: Toyota is sinking vast sums into research and development of new technologies which seek to limit the needs for rare […]

Vanadium Boost Would Give Batteries More Juice

Don't look now, but vanadium demand is ramping up, according to Jon Hykawy, head of global research with Toronto-based Byron Capital Markets. Vanadium is mostly used to strengthen steel, but the metal could see its demand dramatically increase if battery manufacturers start using it to boost power output in lithium-vanadium cells. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Jon talks about some potential demand drivers for vanadium and some companies looking to capitalize on the impending boost in vanadium use.

Rare earths metals provide Ontario with a rare economic opportunity

The burgeoning global markets and growing high-tech applications for rare earth elements provides Ontario with an opportunity to expand its mining - and manufacturing — sectors, according to the Ontario Mining Association (OMA).

The electric car is not the future: Fisher

Rare earth and lithium boosters beware. Ken Fisher, chairman and chief executive officer of Fisher Investments Inc., recommends Fiat since the company's management is not pursuing its own electric car. "They understand the trend that […]

MV Rare Earth/Strategic Metals (REMX) Strategy: Neutral

The surge in the super-sexy Rare Earth stocks has made Strategic Metals a craved space in which to be invested This renewed interest has enable companies in the subspace to crawl out of the bunkers and start to raise money and dust off projects

Germany asks China to reconsider rare earth restrictions

China's rare earths policies were a topic of discussion during the Chinese Vice Premier's trip to Germany, the German minister's spokesperson said. German Economy Minister Rainer Bruederle has asked Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang to reconsider planned

'Significant' heavy rare earths find at Australian copper/cobalt project

China Yunnan Copper reports a significant drill intercept of heavy rare earths at its Mt. Dorothy prospect in north-west Queensland SYDNEY - With a significant heavy rare earth element intercept at the China Yunnan Copper Australia (ASX: CYU) Mount

Japan budgets $650m to secure supplies of rare earths

The Japanese government has set aside $650m in its budget for the financial year starting in April to secure supplies of the metals both from abroad and at home. (Reuters) - Japan's government has set aside 53.3 billion yen ($650 million) in its budget

Japan's trade minister wants to talk rare earths with China

Akihiro Ohata, the country's minister for trade said Wednesday he would like to visit China as soon as possible to discuss the secure supply of rare earths into Japan Japan's trade minister, Akihiro Ohata, said on Wednesday he would like to visit China

The London REE Report: Europe Slows, Asia Booms.

The Philippine government does not offer any subsidies for renewables but Northwind earned carbon credits for the project under the UN's Clean Development Mechanism. As such, any future wind energy projects could also qualify for […]

Japanese Firm Secures Rare Earth Supplies

Michael Montgomery—Exclusive to Rare Earth Investing News The world is trying to diversify supplies of rare earth elements away from the monopolistic power that China currently holds. After the reduction of quotas, and a non-official embargo […]

Model Mining Portfolio: Money to Burn…

A tidal wave of money has swept across the mining sector with companies which do not need money frenziedly raising extra cash M&A activity has heated up with several transaction every week amongst juniors and […]

Can America Regain the Rare Earth Elements Crown?

With China suddenly cutting back on exports while controlling 95 percent of the world’s production of rare earth elements, the United States and other countries suddenly finds themselves vulnerable. This vulnerability has to do with the stability […]

The London REE Report: The Wizard of Oz.

Japan is looking to trade pacts to pull its economy out of nearly two decades of stagnation, and recently announced plans to start consultations on joining negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. That multilateral free-trade pact […]

Australia's "forgotten" rare earths

There’s about 10 million contained tonnes of rare earths lying in just one mine in Australia – but whether they will ever extracted is in doubt. Welcome to Australia’s forgotten rare earth deposits.

Rare Earth Elements (REEs)

The rare earths are a group of 17 elements comprising Scandium, Yttrium, and the Lanthanides. The heavy rare earth elements, HREE. Light REE's are made up of the first seven elements of the lanthanide series […]

The Special Science of Rare Earths: Interview with Tony Mariano

The Gold Report: Jon Hykawy, technology analyst at Byron Capital Markets, recently told us that short  supplies of heavy rare earths (HREEs) will be driving up their price and shifting the economies of mining projects in favour of companies that […]

RMB Debate: USGS Releases Report “Rare Earth Elements in U.S. Not So Rare”

Normally, a report put out by the USGS would go under RMBMedia, but this one will undoubtedly stir debate.

Wicheeda Lake REEs

The rare earths are a group of 17 elements comprising Scandium, Yttrium, and the Lanthanides. The Lanthanides are a group of 15 (Cerium, Dysprosium, Erbium, Europium, Gadolinium, Holmium, Lanthanum, Lutetium, Neodymium, Praseodymium, Samarium, Terbium, Thorium, […]

China Export Cuts Good for Rare Earth Juniors

The world of rare earth element mining is heating up as a result of China cutting exports of the minerals. Prices of rare earth concentrate, according to China’s Ministry of Land and Resource, have increased […]

Artha Reports Progress on Rare Earth and Precious Metals Projects

Artha Resources Corporation announce that the company continues to make significant progress on its Argentinean exploration projects. Mining Top News reports

Avalon proves hydrometallurgical process to extract rare earths

Avalon Rare Metals is making good progress on metallurgical process development for the Nechalacho rare earth element (REE) deposit, Thor Lake, NWT, Canada. Following the successful development of a flotation process for producing an REE mineral concentrate in 2009 (company news release of July 20), recent work has focused on a hydrometallurgical process to further upgrade the REE [...]

Rare Earths R&D funding critical to stemming brain drain in U.S. materials manufacturing

If the U.S. fails to re-establish domestic rare earth mineral supplies and fund REE R&D, meeting domestic energy, healthcare and transportation needs may be difficult, a top GE scientist says.