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Pentagon and Toyota seek to overcome China's rare earth strangehold

The US Department of Defense and Japanese automaker Toyota (NYSE:TM) have embarked upon simultaneous bids to overcome China's strangehold on rare earth metals via the development of North American supply sources.

More signs of a top in the rare earth stock bubble

About one month ago, I wrote about the overvaluation in the rare earth stocks. Even though many disagreed with the prediction that this sector was at or near a top, all of these stocks have dropped, some significantly in the past 4 weeks.

Going to the dentist is like playing in a rare metals toybox!

May 4, 2011 (Ian London, Editor www.RMBApps.com) -- Modern dentistry can be quite the marvel, especially with respect to observing rare metal material science at work. These metals enable the latest diagnostic technologies, as well as faster, smaller, and quieter tools. In a modern dental office, rare earths and rare metals are also found in LED lamps, flatscreen display units and film-less X-ray techniques. Material science is also contributing to significant advances in prosthetics, be they crowns, veneers or implants.

Down under REE report: yet another entrant, REE prices soar

It is becoming very hard to keep with the Australian REE story.