REE Mining News

Researchers develop method to recover rare earth elements from discarded EV engines

Reducing reliance on China REE market.

Canadian rare earth miner Ucore wins big with SB99 approval

The Canadian company hopes to begin commercial rare earth metal production in its Alaskan mine by 2017.

Greenland says yes to uranium mining

Parliament voted Thursday to end a decades-long ban on mining for radioactive materials.

Molycorp disappoints investors; drops 23% by week's end

Despite optimistic news in early October, Molycorp is running low on cash.

Rare earths recycling on the rise

New US facility to recycle REE from fluorescent lamps.

Don't push the panic button on rare earths: Lisa Reisman

Lisa Reisman describes herself as a "classic libertarian," but the managing editor of nonetheless believes government has a role to play in protecting and developing domestic supplies of critical metals. In this exclusive Critical Metals Report interview, Reisman argues for private/public partnerships and explains why today's low prices don't phase her—or surprise her.

REE stocks are down but not out: Siddharth Rajeev

Equity investing is squarely in a risk-off phase and few sectors have been hit harder than junior mining.

The great rare earth metals reset

The rare earth sector has seen astronomical gains in recent years as Chinese export restrictions, short-sighted U.S. policy and investor interest combined to make front page news.

Top REE stock picks

As uncommon as they may be, rare earth elements are all around you—in your laptop, your cell phone and your flat-screen television. But despite their frequency in our everyday lives, investors still have a lot of false preconceptions about these 16 elements.

Washington begins to examine REE supply chain

May 4, 2011 (Robin Bromby, Editor - Just how quickly do things change in Washington? Well, slowly, it seems, when it comes to rare earths.

Lynas, Alkane talking co-operation: report

Two Australian REE companies could be planning to work together to provide a range of both light and heavy rare earths.

The China REE import debate.

April 7, 2011 (Robin Bromby, Editor - China is going to be a net importer of REE from about 2015, right? Well, that seems the latest consensus.