Rhenium Mining News

EPA raid on Alaska’s gold mines triggers federal probe

Agency officials took part last month in an "armed inspection" to several gold mines near the remote town of Chicken, Alaska.

Anglo American under fire for planned gold-copper mine in Alaska

The polemic Pebble Mine project has sparked fresh opposition after BBC World News' Monday report.

EPA under attack over 'biased' Pebble Mine assessment

Agency quoted research conducted by anti-mining groups in its latest review of the project.

Roskill: Stability returns to the rhenium market

Primary and secondary resources are sufficient to allow producers and potential producers to keep pace with demand.

Pebble mine: 'If God were testing us, he couldn't have found a more challenging place'

Arguably the richest prize in mining, the Pebble project pits a watershed where up to 40 million salmon spawn each year against copper and gold reserves worth as much as $500 billion according to a new documentary.