Rhodium Mining News

Don't bet on platinum miners boosting supply on price surge

Prices for platinum, palladium and rhodium have all gained in recent months, boosting earnings for miners in top supplier South Africa.

Russia ban, Fiat Chrysler drive palladium price to new record high

The precious metal is up nearly 90% since August.

The case for investing in platinum

Jamie Keech of Capital Exploits talks with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable about what he sees as the benefits of investing in Platinum Group Metals.

South African court backs industry on black ownership

Uncertainty around the Mining Charter and ownership levels have deterred investment in a sector that accounts for 8% of the country's economic output.

Rhodium price roars to six-year high

Precious metal is up 114% or $880 an ounce in 2017 as above-ground stocks are "bled dry".

Invest in platinum, palladium, or rhodium?

David Morgan uncovers supply and demand fundamentals on mining, cost of production, utility, and ratios in Proven and Probable interview.

Johnson Matthey to invest 200m pounds in battery material technology

The specialty chemicals company said the overall market "could be (worth) more than $30 billion (in) sales when battery electric vehicle penetration increases to around 10 percent.

'When not if' palladium will top platinum price

New report says record autocatalyst demand, falling mine supply, will make palladium more valuable than platinum for the first time since 2001.

INFOGRAPHIC: The numbers behind the world's closest trade relationship

Whether we’re discussing the ancient merchants that traversed the legendary Silk Road, or the transfer of goods across modern border lines, trade has always been about building close relationships.

This precious metal has surged 32% in 2017

Rhodium jumps back above $1,000 an ounce for the first time in nearly two years.

Dieselgate hasn't hurt platinum price

Strong ETF inflows, rising autocatalyst demand despite Volkswagen emission scandal combined with falling mine supply to boost platinum price says new study.

Toyota's new technology a blow for platinum, palladium price

World's top carmaker says first vehicles using new catalyst technology that reduces PGM loads by 20% will leave assembly line later this year.

Mining robots key to colonizing Mars — Elon Musk

He envisions people living in big glass-carbon fiber domes on the surface, with additional areas mined out below the surface by robots for "industrial" uses.

The world's northernmost mines

They are all located in just three countries: Norway, Russia and Canada.

INFOGRAPHIC: The world's most valuable substances by weight

The world's most valuable substance? It sells for a cool $27 million per gram.

The collapse of commodities in one simple chart

Year to date gold is one of the better performers, but rhodium comes off worst.

NASA begins accepting applications from privates to mine the Moon

Space Agency in search of potential business partners as US government denies further funding.

NASA wants your name in its first asteroid mission, leaving in 2016

Selected names will be etched on a microchip aboard the spacecraft headed to the asteroid Bennu in only two years.

Is space mining commercially viable?

A researcher from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics says there are likely 'few' ore-bearing asteroids.

Lonmin's CEO resigns due to 'serious illness'

Simon Scott is acting CEO

SA police arrest 37 for violence near Xstrata mine

The South African police service has arrested some 37 miners for public violence near the Kroondal mine operated by miner Xstrata.

French scientists transform H20 into gold

Scientists from France's Ecole Polytechnique have developed a remarkable new technology which extracts trace amounts of gold from industrial waste water.

Platinum's days as a catalyst may be numbered

New catalyst uses plentiful cobalt and graphene

Three people shot dead after mob rushes Aquarius Platinum mine

Three protestors are dead and 20 are injured at Aquarius Platinum's Kwezi shaft when 200 disgruntled former contractors, some carrying petrol bombs, forced their way onto the company's property.

Prophecy Platinum adds to 80% 12-month gain after Yukon project analysis

Prophecy Platinum added 2.5% on Friday on double usual trading volumes, after announcing results of a full spectrum analysis of PGMs on the first batch of samples from its PGM-Ni-Cu wholly-owned Wellgreen project, in the Yukon, Canada.