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VIDEO: Ron Paul reacts to RonPaulCoin

It's unclear who exactly created the RonPaulCoin but we do know that it's not Ron Paul himself.

'Now is a very good time to buy' – Ron Paul on gold

Paul spoke with Kitco at the Metals & Minerals conference in San Franciso.

Exclusive interview with Ron Paul: Gold, dollar, debt ceiling and the Fed

The longer QE lasts, the worse the correction will be when eventually people give up on our dollar and give up on our debt.

Ron Paul discusses Bitcoins, the US Fed and Tesla Motors

Congressman Paul answers Redditors' questions in an 'Ask Me Anything' session.

Americans want return to gold standard: Ron Paul

Congressman Ron Paul has told CNBC’s Newsline that ‘a large majority of American people favour going on a gold standard,’ claiming that the shift in public opinion is ‘a reflection of the efforts that we’ve made in educating people.