Russia Mining News

Army puts backers off multibillion-dollar Zimbabwe platinum mine

A plan to build Zimbabwe’s biggest platinum mine at a cost of about $4 billion is floundering because a military stake in the project has deterred potential backers.

Historic Siberian mine to become automated

The Siberian Coal Energy Company partnered with VIST Group to develop an unmanned drilling technology at the Tugnuysky coal mine.

Trading houses caught in crossfire of Russian oil contamination

Trading houses Vitol, Glencore and Trafigura are caught in the crossfire between Russian oil producers and Western buyers.

Rusal's political comeback powered by "green" aluminium

In April, Rusal landed a major equity and supply deal with Braidy Industries, which is building the first greenfield aluminium rolling mill in the United States in 37 years.

Arctic nations to meet amid tensions over environment, resources

Countries have been scrambling to claim territory or, like China, boost their presence in the region.

RANKED: Top 10 lowest cost gold mines on the globe

Barrick's South Arturo loses top spot, two other Barrick mines dropped from top 10 ranking.

How Russia contaminated $2.7B of oil exports to Europe

For 10 days, refiners and oil firms in Europe cut purchases of Russian oil by up to a million barrels a day after finding out crude from the Druzhba pipeline network was heavily contaminated.

Russia’s Nordgold injects another $70m into Guinea mine

Funds allowed Norgold to both extend Lefa mine’s life and improve efficiencies at the operation.

Russia's Alrosa expects drop in 2019 sales as demand falters from China

Alrosa's sales in the first quarter fell 38 percent from a year earlier to $988 million.

Global aluminium output flatlines as outages offset ramp-ups

A couple of long-running outages together with curtailments in Europe caused aluminium production outside China to dip 1.4%.

World's central banks want more gold as India joins spree

Heightened geopolitical and economic uncertainty pushed central banks to diversify their reserves and focus on investing in safe and liquid assets.

Alrosa recovers large diamond from International pipe

The 118.91-carat stone is the largest recovered at the site in the past two years.

Trans-Siberian Gold awarded licence for Rodnikova deposit

Rodnikova is a high-grade gold and silver epithermal deposit located in close proximity to the company’s operating Asacha gold mine.

America is under China’s thumb … and Russia’s, too

The US is beholden to China for 20 commodities on the US government’s critical minerals list.

One of world’s largest diamond mines gets 10-year life extension

The underground extension of Aikhal will keep it in operations until 2044 and it's estimated to cost about $154 million.

Metals trader Concord doubles profit due to aluminum chaos

The metals trading startup benefited from the turmoil in aluminum and alumina markets following sanctions on Russian producer United Co. Rusal.

Alrosa launches new Zarya pipe in eastern Russia

The new deposit should compensate for the depleting stock of the Komsomolsky open-pit mine.

Global gold production to hit fresh record in 2019

New report "debunks commentary calling for peak gold."

How central bank gold buying is undermining the dollar

The reason for central banks’ recent gold accumulations has little to do with safe havens and a lot to do with chipping away at the US dollar’s role as the reserve currency.

Platinum edges out of doldrums at last as labor threat looms

After months of being ignored in favor of market darling palladium, platinum is finally getting some attention from investors.

Zimbabwe, Russia sign $4B platinum mine deal

The mine would be built on one of the largest platinum mining concessions in the country.

Smart money is piling into oil

Oil prices jumped to five-month highs this week, pushed higher by a bullish cocktail of supply outages, geopolitical unrest and a sputtering shale sector.

China continues gold-buying spree as PBOC adds for fourth month

The world’s second-largest economy expanded its gold reserves for the fourth straight month, adding to optimism that central banks globally will continue to build holdings.

Investor sentiment in diamond mining stocks makes for a contrarian play

Natural diamond supply is estimated to come off this year and continue to incrementally decline through at least 2021, which should be supportive of diamond prices and thus miners.

How countries are getting tougher with mining companies

A mix of political populism, higher commodity prices and the expectation electrification will spur demand for raw materials has led governments to change the rules for miners operating in their countries.