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Russia cries Dyadya (Uncle), is Saudi Arabia listening?

According to Bloomberg, the Russian Energy Ministry issued a statement that "Energy Minister Alexander Novak and the heads of Russia's biggest oil companies discussed the possibility of working with OPEC."

Russia’s Alrosa quarterly sales up 45%

Rough diamonds sales rose to 7.1 million carats in October through December. This compares with 4.9 million carats of sales in the third quarter.

Rick Mills: How to profit from the demands of a growing world population

As the world prepares to house, feed and care for 9.7 billion people, Ahead of the Herd founder Rick Mills is looking for the companies that will profit from the silent tsunami of demand creeping up on resource and healthcare providers.

Russian Supreme Court denies Stans appeal

These rulings set aside the award of the International Arbitration Court at the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry dated June 30, 2014 (the “MCCI Award”) through which Stans was awarded US$118,000,000 in damages.

China, Russia lead central banks gold buying spree

The nations were once again the biggest buyers, with China adding 21 tonnes and Russia 22 tonnes in November to their respective reserves.

The world's northernmost mines

They are all located in just three countries: Norway, Russia and Canada.

Dominion Diamond shareholders revolt, call for changes

Investors have publicly called on the company’s independent directors to deal with the “misguided policies and missed opportunities” that have hurt their investment.

This is the 106-carat diamond Alrosa unearthed from its Jubilee pipe

The stone, described as being of "4 Black Sawables 2 colour" quality with an octahedral shape, was extracted by the company's business unit, Aikhal Mining and Processing Division (MPD).

Diamond miners likely to cut prices further in 2016 to lift demand — Moody's

The rating and research agency expects producers to have to deepen cut prices as supply and demand challenges continue into the new year.

Battle over coal mine reveals Russian billionaire's UK links

A British private equity firm is battling for the return of a £250m mine in Russia it believes was transferred illegally to a company linked to a Siberian billionaire.

ISIS, Turkey and oil – the bigger picture: interview with Pelicourt

Robert Bensh—managing director and partner at Pelicourt, a Western-owned oil and gas company discusses navigating tricky conflict zones.

Alrosa’s revenue down in Q3 as sales almost halved

The loss was also an effect of the depreciation of the Russian ruble against the U.S. dollar and the revaluation of dollar-denominated loans and borrowings.

Saudis planning for a war of attrition in Europe with Russia's oil industry

Russia sends 70 percent of its oil to Europe, but Saudi Arabia has been making inroads in the European market amid the oil price downturn.

These two record-breaking diamonds were bought for $77 million, by the same person

Hong Kong billionaire Joseph Lau bought the world's most expensive diamonds for his 7-year-old daughter, in less than 24 hours.

Poland may stop producing coal until at least 2018

The new government is considering to stop production at several of its mines until at least 2018 in an effort to help prices by reducing a global oversupply.

This interactive timeline will teach you all about diamond mining

It all began about 900 million years ago.

Russia and China increase gold holdings while central banks continue their expansionary monetary policy

Even though the price of gold failed to make a decisive break above the 200 day Moving average, the price looks set to continue its upward trajectory.

Alrosa sells less than half the diamonds it mined

The rough-diamond miner extracted about 11.6 million carats in Q3, or 20% more than in the same period last year. However, it could only sell 4.9 million carats.

China’s weak demand for diamonds drags sector into slump

Prices for the precious rocks have fallen almost 12% in the past year, amid weakening diamond jewellery demand from China, the second largest consumer after the U.S.

ArcelorMittal sued over pollution from US coke plant

PennEnvironment claims the steelmaker has repeatedly violated the federal Clean Air Act at its Monessen coke plant since the facility reopened last year.

Russian owners bid to take Polyus private

Polyus Gold’s largest shareholder has launched a widely anticipated offer to take the UK-listed miner private, but has drawn criticism from its independent board committee for the “disappointing” level of its bid.

Platinum price falls to 7-year low

Platinum price drop below $900 not good news for gold price either.

Dieselgate: Palladium the big winner

Up more than 10% since Volkswagen's emissions admission.

Thomas Drolet warns of a coming Grand Canyon of uranium supply deficit and shares three ways to profit by it

A Grand Canyon of supply deficit is opening up in the uranium markets, with 66 nuclear reactors under construction globally and more restarting in Japan.

FLSmidth to supply equipment for copper-magnetite plant

FLSmidth has received an order from the Russian minerals producer Norilsk Nickel Group.