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Only one-eighth of the solar system should be mined – study

Researchers want space-miners to focus on the Moon, Mars and iron-rich bodies tumbling through the asteroid belt and leave things such as Jupiter and Saturn alone.

Scientists decipher the origin of Nevada’s ‘fool's gold’

Fool’s gold is very common in the Carlin-type gold deposits that are found in Nevada.

Swedish scientists develop fastest hydrogen sensor for hydrogen-powered vehicles

The device is capable of detecting 0.1 percent hydrogen in the air in less than a second.

Scientists figure out origin of cobalt-blue spinel in Canada’s Arctic

Small spinel stones with good transparency and fine cobalt-blue colour can sell for about 10 times the price of a comparable sapphire.

Researchers learn to produce borophene on a gold surface

Borophene is the atom-flat form of boron. The findings constitute a step toward practical applications like wearable or transparent electronics.

Australia launches Critical Minerals Strategy 2019 focused on innovation and tech

The plan puts emphasis on emphasis on agritech, aerospace, defense, renewable energy and telecommunications.

Australian scientists developing tool capable of delving deeper into Earth’s rock layers

The experts from Curtin University say the mechanism promises to be crucial for the country's mining and petroleum sectors.

Copper was key in the emergence of primitive life on Earth

High availability of copper and low availability of oxygen during the Neoproterozoic period gave scientists the first clues.

Gold and graphene now used in biosensors to detect diseases

Scientists took what they call a "first step" toward creating ultrasensitive biosensors to detect the disorders that cause affections such as Alzheimer's disease.

What happens when you mix Vitamin C and gold?

The answer to this question has been widely explored by scientists.

Dust samples from asteroid could help understand origin of precious minerals

Asteroids are considered one of the candidates that brought water to our planet, which they retain as hydrated minerals.

Scientists take a look inside rare wire gold specimen

Known as the Ram's Horn, the sample is so rare that it has been impossible to cut into it or analyze it with x-rays.

Nanosized diamond used to create super strong aluminum alloy

The resulting material is expected to be used in the maritime industry.

Copper makes it easier to treat bone infection

Copper particles and bioactive glass seem to be a winning combination.

Codelco and Ennomotive challenged engineers to find creative uses for copper-graphene nanocomposite

Sixty-five engineers from 15 countries came up with ideas.

How microbes contribute to the formation of giant copper deposits

Researchers are studying the unusual Las Cruces deposit in southwestern Spain.

How lapis lazuli helped uncover the role of women in the creation of medieval manuscripts

Prior to this discovery, it was thought that mainly men were allowed to use the blue stone.

Melting gold at room temperature is a thing now

The discovery came as a fluke.

DRC cobalt deposits not 'that old'

By analyzing the age of known deposits, researchers get clues of where to find unexplored ones.

Silver becomes key component for ultra-efficient solar cells

"This constitutes a first step towards the production of novel electrodes for highly efficient solar cells and lights.”

How to find mineral deposits at the edges of ancient continents

Hint: you just need to chart the life cycle of sulphur.

Silver boosts treatment for brain-eating bug

The precious metal can help save lives.

3D-printed lithium-ion batteries are a thing now

Up till now, the polymers used for 3D printing were not ionic conductors and this created a major hurdle for printing batteries.

A gold-hungry bug opens door for more efficient biofuels

A bacterium is capable of producing solar fuels when fed with gold.

US develops new gold-silver alloy for military use

A new gold-silver alloy was created with the idea of lightening the load and enhance the power of devices used by soldiers.