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Deep-sea mining: scientists say collaboration is key

They say there has to be a balance between exploiting mineral resources from the seabed and protecting vulnerable marine ecosystems.

Undersea mining's bizarre origins – a CIA cold war plot

BBC report details 1974 CIA operation to salvage Soviet submarine carrying nuclear missiles under guise of a Howard Hughes-financed seabed manganese mine.

Kiwis protest against seabed mining

The Green Party wants to create New Zealand’s largest marine mammal sanctuary in order to stop extractive activities in the South Taranaki Bight

INFOGRAPHIC: Is deep sea mining worth the risk?

The pros and cons of extraction from the seabed.

Pacific Ocean rich in gold, rare earths

Geologist says the deposits are better than on land.

United Nations publishes first plan for deep sea mining

Companies could apply for mining licences as soon as 2016 to extract gold, copper and more.

Britain plunges into deep sea mining with American company

New industry could bring in as much as $60 billion for the country.