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Jericho owner strikes deal with Belgian diamond firm

The owner of what was once Nunavut’s first and only diamond mine, Shear Diamonds Ltd., on Dec. 8 struck a deal with a Belgian diamond dealer that will give Shear the cash it needs to recover and sell diamonds from the mothballed site’s existing stockpiles.

Shear Diamonds signs agreement with Nunavut Resources Corp.

Edmonton-based Shear Diamonds Ltd. has signed a mutual cooperation agreement with Nunavut Resources Corp. for development of the Jericho Diamond Mine in Nunavut, northern Canada. Shear Diamonds, formerly Shear Minerals,  acquired Jericho — Nunavut's first […]

Nunavut diamond mine gets new management team

Vancouver Sun reports: Shear Diamonds Ltd. (TSXV: SRM), which owns the mothballed Jericho diamond mine, is beefing up its senior management team as it prepares to reopen Nunavut’s only diamond mine in 2012.