Shell Mining News

Oil majors near inflection point as spending rises

Industry leaders now appear to be positive that growth can be achieved after several difficult years.

'Passionate' electric car owners to drive growth, Shell says

Social desirability is important enough for consumers to ignore that battery-powered technology is currently more expensive than internal combustion engines.

Shell, partners approve huge $31 billion LNG Canada project

This is the largest new LNG project of its kind in years.

Main contractor on Shell LNG Canada project cancels bidding

CFSW LNG Constructors – a consortium of four major engineering and construction firms and the lead contractor for LNG Canada – has cancelled the bidding process for the project.

Shell Canada boss says stay the course on carbon pricing as Quest CCS project exceeds expectations

Royal Dutch Shell, a long-time advocate of pricing carbon, says the strategy needs to be maintained regardless of what happens south of the border.

Shell introduces new extraction diluent to increase metal extraction

The primary goal is to pick a diluent that would yield you the highest concentrations of copper from your process, because that’s the actual final outcome that the mine is going for.

Shell presents its portfolio of lubrication products

When you start to think that one injector can over-lubricate by $50,000 a year and when you’ve got—on some machines—200 injectors, some of those savings can be huge.

Secret deal on Alberta’s oil sands emissions limits divides patch

A hard cap on oilsands emissions was the product of secret negotiations between four top oilsands companies and four environmental organizations.

Total, Shell exit coal mining

Some of the world's top oil producers have decided to abandon coal and focus instead on ramping up production and trading of liquified natural gas as a cleaner fossil fuel alternative.

Canada’s Territories hold massive shale oil reserves similar to US Bakken field

Energy regulator says it holds as much as 200 billion barrels of shale oil reserves, comparable to North Dakota’s thriving Bakken field.

Shell cuts up to 300 jobs at oilsands mine facility

Shell Canada told employees last week it will cut up to 10 per cent of 3,000 jobs at the Athabasca Oil Sands Project mining operations it manages north of Fort McMurray in an effort to improve efficiency.

Russia is getting queasy about Ukraine's shale plans

Ukraine has two major shale gas production deals with Chevron and Shell.

Mackenzie Gas Project delay continues as costs increase 40%

Total price tag at $18.82 billion.

Oil sands air monitoring agency running on emergency fund

The Wood Buffalo Environmental Association has barely enough to keep running until the end of January.

Arctic oil extraction frozen, but mining to bring a melting $100 billion in investments

While the US interior department has launched a review of Shell’s whole Arctic oil drilling programme, mining projects look promising.

PennFuture condemns governor’s $1.7 billion proposed tax break for cracker plant

"Let’s be clear – by choosing to offer Shell a $1.7 billion dollar tax break while proposing to cut nearly $900 million to public education, the governor is choosing winners and losers," says George Jugovic Jr., president and CEO of PennFuture.