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Silver use in medicine could boost the market: report

For thousands of years, silver has been used at the table, on the battlefield and even in healthcare. Today, the uses of silver for its healing and preventative properties are growing and analysts wonder what this renewed demand for the graphite metal will mean for the silver market.

Silver forecasters bullish as funds retreat from slump

At a time when hedge funds are reducing bullish silver bets by the most in two years, analysts predict a rally as manufacturing expands from China to the U.S., boosting demand for the precious metal most used in industry.

Where next for gold-silver and the SP 500 indexes?

The market action in both the precious metals complex and the equities markets has been moving in clearly defined Fibonacci and Elliott Wave patterns for quite some time now. All of the recent peaks and valleys in both areas can be clearly demarcated with Fibonacci retracements and crowd behavioral patterns both in advance and in hindsight.