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Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 7th December 2010

With a gold Fix of $1,426.00 in London's morning and a euro at $1.3368 we are in more than record territory. There can only be a few traders left who will look at the $: € […]

Palladium to the Moon & PAL to the Sun

Many investors are aware of the price movement in gold and silver of late, but have you looked at Palladium?  Palladium has exploded right past the entire field of commodities along with the little sister […]

Massive Short Squeeze at Hand in Gold and Silver Markets

YESTERDAY IN GOLD AND SILVER Gold was up about $7 by the time that Hong Kong trading was through for the day on Friday, but by the time that floor trading began in New York […]

Rolling In Dough

Earlier in the week I put out an educational piece showing some historical, as well as current cup and handle formations.  These are very powerful formations indeed, and the S&P 500 just broke out a […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 6th December 2010

We are moving to a point where it almost doesn't matter what the $: € exchange rate is and the gold price is reflecting this.   This morning Asia moved the gold price 4$ higher than […]

Expect Extremely Bullish Action in Mining Shares: James Turk

YESTERDAY IN GOLD AND SILVER Gold rose gently in Far East trading during their Thursday session, with an interim high set at the 8:00 a.m. London open.  From there it went into an equally gentle decline, […]

Gold's and Silver's Ability to Rise Regardless of Other Markets

Even though we have posted our previous essay just a few days ago, much happened since that time, so without further introduction we will dive right into the USD Index chart (charts courtesy of

VMS Ventures – Success in Potential Elephant Country

Volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposits typically occur as lenses of polymetallic massive sulphide and are major sources of zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), lead (Pb), silver (Ag) and gold (Au).

Weekly Market Update Excerpt

Gold and Precious Metals Gold Bullion.  6 Month Price Chart.

Bundesbank Joins Fed in Demanding Secrecy For Gold Swaps

YESTERDAY IN GOLD AND SILVER It was a very quiet day for gold on Wednesday.  The high price tick was around $1,398 spot in very late morning trading in London… about 6:45 a.m. Eastern time.  From […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 2nd December 2010

With the Eurozone crisis getting worse today as pressure moves to question the E.C.B. itself and its ability to contain the contagion now said to include Italy after Spain. The prospects of some of the poorer […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 1st December 2010

While the euro appeared to stop falling, it did continue to do so but at almost the same rate as the dollar did against other 'major' currencies.   But the global currency markets were not happy […]

Silver – The Investment to Watch

I have advised readers to watch junior silver companies. Companies that explore, or develop, or create silver resources. There have been a number of stocks that have risen quite dramatically in the last year, and […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 30th November 2010

The euro today is again visibly weakening at $1.2990 down nearly a cent and a half on yesterday.   The tone of the market seems to have stood back from just the Irish and now looks […]

Gold to $2,000, Silver to $60 Without World's Collapse

YESTERDAY IN GOLD AND SILVER Although gold got sold off ten bucks shortly after the open in Far East trading during their Monday morning… it had gained all of that back by the London open at […]

Cups That Runneth Over

As much as I do enjoy some time off there's nothing like getting back to work either, since it's something I love to do.  So over the weekend I got into one of my favourite […]

Gold Closes $3.20 Higher Today…($1367.50)

Today's trading session was a bit apprehensive as traders attempted to sort out the day's news from the European Union. We learned that the European finance ministers approved an 85 billion Euro loan package to […]

Invest in Junior Value Companies & Watch Silver – The Next Big Thing

In our last blog, we gave a few criteria as to how to choose good companies to invest in. These comments were hidden at the end of the blog and were not readily visible. We […]

"You Cannot Find a Bank Safe Deposit Box in Germany"

YESTERDAY IN GOLD AND SILVER Despite how bad the gold chart looks… all is not as it seems.  With most gold traders at the bullion banks officially M.I.A. yesterday and Thursday, the volume associated with […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 29th November 2010

The euro today is again visibly weakening at $1.3170 which implies that the Irish bailout is not to be believed.   We see the market as accepting this package, but that the Eurozone problems are not […]

Weekly Market Update Excerpt

Gold and Precious Metals Gold Bullion.  6 Month Price Chart

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 26th November 2010

When you go on safari into the African bush you learn that signs are constantly being given telling you what dangers there are and what may well happen [such as the barking of Zebras warning […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 25th November 2010

The dollar: euro exchange rate has barely moved in London and the gold price Fixed just $2 below yesterday afternoon at $1,370.50.   Since then it moved up $2.   That's London.

Investors are adding silver bullion to their portfolios as a way to protect their wealth from the impending currency disaster.

Since, Bart Chilton, the Commissioner at the CFTC, acknowledged that there has been price manipulation in the silver market, the price of silver has held relatively firm above the $25 an ounce level. However, I […]

Silver Stuffings

Since we've mostly all got a long weekend coming up I thought I'd try and keep this as light and short as possible while still getting some valuable information across to you.