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Gold Settles $4.30 Lower… ($1222.60)

Today’s Globex Gold market traded in a very technical $13.90 range as the market continued to have a Holiday week feel. I believe the Jobless claims data (tomorrow) may also have some traders side-lined. The […]

Gold's 200-Day Moving Average Climbs Above $1,100

Gold declined in fits and starts all through Far East and London trading on Wednesday… and then got hit pretty hard going into the London p.m. gold fix at 10:00 a.m. New York time.  That was […]

Gold Settles $4.30 Lower… ($1222.60)

Today's Globex Gold market traded in a  very technical $13.90 range as the market continued to have a Holiday week feel. I believe the Jobless claims data (tomorrow) may also have some traders side-lined. The […]

Heralding Argentina's Silver Lining

With gold prices continuing to shine as the fragile global economic recovery falters yet again, equally buoyant silver prices have given the mining industry considerable impetus to increase production. But that's simply not happening. The […]

It's a Bird, It's a Plane…It's Euro TARP!

The European Commission brought out the big guns.  In a move intentionally reminiscent of the US TARP program, leaders of the continent's major economies promised to keep throwing money at the problem in bulk until […]

Detroit to Bulldoze Thousands of Homes in Fight for Survival

Like Thursday's price action… I wouldn't read much into Friday's trading action either.  There was extremely thin volume in all metals.  Gold sold off about 1% once the Comex opened… but gained it all back in […]

Gold and silver progress report.

The debate currently taking place between gold bulls and gold bears is whether or not the central banks of the world are adding to the money supply of the world, or if money supply is […]

Trend Trading Gold, Silver, Oil & SP500

Last week looked and felt like a pivotal week for both stocks and commodities. The past two weeks have had investors and traders in a panic as they try to find safe investments for their […]

Lose Your Illusions It was a strange week indeed as markets appeared to move higher, only to lose gains near the end of the day giving false confidence to market participants.  The question remains whether this is […]

Another Dubai Company Defaults

I wouldn't read a thing into yesterday's gold price action in any market on Planet Earth on Thursday.  Volume was monstrous… but roll-overs and switches from the June contract into August and later months accounted […]

'Goldman Sachs is the Undeclared Enemy of the State' – Jim Rickards

Gold didn't do much of anything in Far East trading on Wednesday… up just a few dollars from its New York close on Tuesday.  And, as I mentioned in my closing comments in yesterday's column, once […]

The Gold & Silver Precious Metals Correction

It's been an exciting week for traders as volatility levels are through the roof and the broad market is moving up and down like a yoyo. You cannot take your eyes off the screen if […]

Gold, Silver and Mining Companies Shaping Up We will kick off with a review of the charts for gold, silver and the gold bugs index, the HUI, in an attempt to see where we are now and just where we […]

Protect Yourself From Further Sovereign Debt Defaults With Physical Gold and Silver

Sourced from: What should individuals do to protect themselves from sovereign debt defaults, rampant growth in the money supply and currency devaluation stemming from inflation or hyperinflation?  Quite simply, everyone's priority safe haven protection should […]

Gold and Silver or a 'Guaranteed' Retirement Account: Which Would You Rather Have in Your IRA or 401(k)?

Sourced from: "It is times like this that the 'no counterparty risk' element of gold and silver really shines," says Neptune Global Holdings President Chris Blasi. "As such, I strongly believe every investor should allocate […]

Endeavour Financial – Massively Undervalued Gold Investor

It is not too often that you come across a company with quarterly income that is just shy of their entire market cap. Endeavour Financial (TSE: EDV or EDVMF) is just such a company and boasts a […]

Silver is Now Even More Precious Than Gold! Do You Own Any?

Silver is now rarer than gold and will be for all of eternity. From this point forth we work from current silver production alone and, from this point forth, demand will outstrip production without exception. […]

Make Like Water and RUN! May 26, 2010 Drastic times call for drastic measures.  I have made major changes this past week to my portfolio.  I am scared, and have taken appropriate actions.  Safety first is now the motto […]

Russia's Central Bank Purchases Another 200,000 Ounces of Gold

As I mentioned in my commentary on Thursday, the bullion banks showed up on the sell side at 1:00 a.m. Eastern time during Hong Kong trading… which turned out to be the high of the day […]

Chinese Citizens Buying Gold With Both Hands

Well, by the time I hit the 'send' button on Tuesday's column in the wee hours of yesterday morning, it was obvious that Wednesday was going to be a bad day for both gold and […]

Deflation and Economic Weakness Are the Best Catalysts for Gold

Recently, I had written about how a deflationary impulse in the capital markets would be a catalyst for the gold stocks. This turned out to be accurate as stocks and commodities weakened while treasuries and […]

Alea Iacta Est… The Die is Cast

As I mentioned in my closing remarks in yesterday's column… the U.S. bullion banks showed up in the Globex market in Hong Kong's afternoon trading session and did the dirty there for a few hours.  […]

JPMorgan et al Slam the Precious Metals Again

As one would expect under the current financial circumstances, gold began a steady rise in early Far East trading on Monday… this despite an 80 basis point surge in the U.S. dollar that was happening […]

Bard Ventures Ltd (TSXV: CBS) – New Zone of Molybdenum Mineralization Identified at Lone Pine

Investment Highlights: • A new zone of molybdenum mineralization has been identified 500 meters from the current NI 43-101 resource. • Hole BD-10-61 intersected molybdenum mineralization in several intervals from near surface to a vertical […]

Gold, Silver & SP500 Trading Charts & Video

Last week was amazing for both gold and index traders as gold surged higher and the SP500 tested a key resistance then fell 4% in our favor. The past couple weeks with the mini market […]