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Lost in all the election and Fed hoopla are the problems in Ireland. The yield on Irish debt is surging and the share price for Bank of Ireland stock is plummeting. Ireland, like it or […]

All-Encompassing Takeover Talk

Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report 11/05/2010 Encompass Funds Portfolio Manager Marshall Berol and Analyst Kevin Puil spend a lot of time examining junior mining companies for investment opportunities and they're pretty good […]

Silver Wheaton Corporation: The $100.00 Stock

Having sold a number of stocks in order to acquire more of Silver Wheaton Corporation (SLW) stock on 09 August 2010 we are pleased to see that our new strategy is paying off handsomely.

Gold Continues To Climb…..

This week the December (Globex) contract recorded yet another all-time high trading $1398.70) as the global investor continues to choose Gold as its currency of choice. On Wednesday November 3rd the December contract traded as […]

Weekly Market Update Excerpt

Gold and Precious Metals KEY CHART #1:  GOLD VIA SGOL-NYSE

Is the rise in the gold price just a fall in the dollar?

As we write, the gold price is about to assault the $1,400 level having been $1,332 on Wednesday of this week, a day ahead of the Fed announcement.   Against the pound sterling, the yen the […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 5th November 2010

It looks like the U.S. market was caught by surprise yesterday when it tried to sink the gold price, taking it down to $1,332 before it rose overnight to almost touch $1,390.

Silver Shorts Feel the Squeeze

We kick off we a quick look at the above table of silver producers, as we can see its been a damn good day to be a silver bug with the majority being 7% to […]

One Of The Greatest Blunders In History

Many years from now when we look back at history I think yesterday will be seen as one of the greatest blunders ever made by a central banker.

The Changing Landscape in Gold and Silver

Whereas the apparent robust performance of major indices around the world suggests the world is returning to something approaching normal, what we’re really seeing is a long line of traps being set to snag a […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 4th November 2010

Mid-term elections in the U.S. were gold neutral.   Fed statements appeared to be positive, but ahead of the announcement, some very brave 'bears' raided the gold market and in thin trade hammered the gold price […]

Midweek Gold & SP500

With the election over and congress divided, it may be difficult for the president to get much done. None of this will take affect until the near year but traders are asking the big question… […]

The end of price manipulation means much higher prices for silver.

For many years numerous analysts have accused some of the large bullion banks of manipulating the price of silver by using futures contracts offered by Comex. In simple terms they have created an artificial supply […]

Junior Miners Becoming Attractive Takeover Targets

Source: Jeb Handwerger for The Gold Report 11/03/2010 There have been some exciting mergers and acquisitions (M&As) within the junior mining sector over the past few months. As gold and silver settle from the […]

The Gold and SP 500 Bull markets continue to leave investors behind

In my recent forecast updates for my subscribers and also in my free articles online, I have expounded on the virtues of Elliott Wave Theory, which I use as my linchpin for my short and […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 3rd November 2010

The gold and silver market ignored the U.S. mid-term elections as the dollar sat at $1.403: 1€ in London ahead of the gold Fix at $1,358.5, fifty cents higher than before the election results started […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 2nd November 2010

Asia took the gold price up to $1,358 then London, just after the opening took it back down in line with the $: € exchange rate to $1,354 before taking it back up again just […]


What a fantastic week for those in the camp who've known that all was not as it seemed in the Silver market.  I delve a bit more into it later, but there are a few […]

David Morgan Explains Why Silver Is Catching Up, Why It's Broken Out and Where It Goes From Here

The Daily Bell is pleased to present an exclusive interview with David Morgan. Introduction: David Morgan is a widely recognized analyst in the precious metals industry and consults for hedge funds, high net worth investors, […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 1st November 2010

A bright Monday morning saw gold run above $1,365 as the U.S. dollar slid down to nearly touch $1.40 again.

Silver is Gold’s Poor Cousin, But it is in Great Demand

The Attraction of Gold and Silver Very often we look at gold and use it as our main object of attention. Yet historically there has been a continuing relationship between gold and silver. The two […]

Silver To $30 In 18 Days: James Turk

Gold was basically flat all during Far East trading on Thursday, despite the fact that dollar continued to slide from its 1:30 p.m. Eastern time high tick on Wednesday.

Tan Khandaker: Hedging Strategies to Underpin Rising Gold Price

Tan Khandaker: Hedging Strategies to Underpin Rising Gold Price Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report 10/27/2010 Managing Director Tan Khandaker, of New York-based Khandaker Morgan, thinks gold hedging strategies by large funds will […]

The scenario for silver just keeps getting better and better

As the price of silver backs off from its recent high of $25, it offers investors another amazing opportunity to buy the precious metal.