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Another Day… Another Record High Close for Gold

Gold didn't do much in Far East trading during their Wednesday morning… with the low price of the day [around $1,228 spot] being set at 1:00 p.m. in Hong Kong's afternoon.  and then didn't show much […]

Central Fund Takes Another 7.8 Million Ounces of Silver Out of Circulation

The gold price, which had been ruler flat in early Far East action on Tuesday morning, began to rally shortly after 1:00 p.m. in Hong Kong trading… which was midnight in New York.  For the next ten hours, […]

Gold & Silver: The Only Game in Town 2010-2011

There are numerous reasons both fundamental and technical as to why the precious metals complex will surge over the next 18 months. The sector's surge will be reinforced by the lack of an obvious trend […]

Gold Fields and Buenaventura Announce Major Gold Discovery in Southern Peru

Chucapaca's joint venture partners, Gold Fields Limited (51%) (Gold Fields) (JSE, NYSE, NASDAQ Dubai: GFI) and Compania de Minas Buenaventura S.A.A. (49%) (Buenaventura, NYSE: BVN), are pleased to announce the discovery of a major gold-copper-silver […]

Substantial increase in Coeur gold production, drop in silver ounces

Despite increases in metal sales and operating cash flow, Coeur d'Alene Mines reported an $8.02 million net loss for the first quarter of this year.

CRU's Helen O'Malley Speaks Manganese

Source: Brian Sylvester and Karen Roche of The Gold Report 5/10/10 "The price for manganese ore has recovered a lot more swiftly and strongly than we anticipated," explains Helen O'Malley, a bulk manganese specialist […]

Commodity & Index ETF Trading Strategy

As we all know, last weeks stock market blip/mini crash was very emotional for those of you watching or trading it live. A lot of money changed hands last week and you either lost a […]

Silver's Plunge – Last Chance to Sell or Buying Opportunity?

This essay is based on the Premium Update posted on May 7th, 2010 Thursday saw a huge reversal in the general stock market accompanied by huge volume. There seemed to be a selling mood, which accelerated […]

'Gold is the New Reserve Currency' – Larry Kudlow, CNBC

That quote was all over the Internet yesterday.  There was another wonderful quote that I found posted in Bill Murphy's MIDAS commentary over at yesterday as well. This one could be the quote of the week, […]

Is the IMF's Gold Really There? – James Turk

As is generally the case, all the major action occurred during the New York trading session on Wednesday.  Gold got smacked at 8:30 a.m. in New York… and an hour later it was at its […]

The Moment If Truth for Gold, Silver, Oil & SP500

It has been an exciting couple weeks with the stock market slowly forming its top before breaking down this week. I have been warning everyone keep tightening your protective stops and to keep new positions […]

Will Gold Get Dragged Down if the Market Double Dips?

Today was one of the worst days the market has seen in a while. With widening sovereign debt concerns, the Goldman Sachs charges, BP oil spill and trade tensions with China, there is plenty for […]

Gold Prices Update 05 May 2010 Courtesy of the Bullion Weekly Today we saw the broader markets take a battering with the European Stock Exchanges taking hits and the DOW dropping 225 points, silver lost $0.94 and gold prices […]

Anti-Trust Division of the Department of Justice Will Look Into Silver Manipulation

Gold made slow, steady gains all through Far East, London and early New York trading.  But, at precisely 12:00 noon Eastern time, someone got tired of this slow and steady rise… and put an end […]

The Madness of Fibonacci Levels Markets in the US hit the last line of Fibonacci Retracement levels this past week, and gyrated like a bucking bronco. Where they’ll go from here is debatable. There are strong arguments for them […]

Training Partnership Boosts Mining in Mongolia

A new initiative to train mining professionals in Mongolia is planting the seed for a burgeoning mining industry in the north-Asian country bordering China and Russia. The program, a mix of online and short (two-day) […]

Another Day… and Another Slide Down the Every-Steepening Slippery Slope

Gold didn't do a thing in either Far East or most of London trading on Wednesday… and gold was down about six bucks minutes after New York opened.  But all that inactivity changed the moment that the London […]

Gold, Silver, Palladium: True Bull Market

The injuries that befall us unexpectedly are less severe than those which are deliberately anticipated. – Marcus T. Cicero, 106-43 BC, Great Roman Orator, Politician – All the precious metals are behaving extremely well in […]

Greek debt downgraded to junk Its been coming for some time now and today it arrived, the S&P has downgraded Greek debt to Junk and took Portugal down two notches to A minus. This news, although expected, hit […]

Graceland Updates

Nouriel Roubini is back!  So are a boatload of other top economists, all horrified as they watch what they term “the tip of the iceberg”. The Euro crisis has deepened into a catastrophic mess, one […]

U.S. to Declare War on Iran?

Tuesday morning trading in the Far East saw a slowly rising gold price until the dollar caught a bid on the euro's woes… and from there, gold went into a long, slow slide to its low […]

Weekend Gold, Silver, Nat Gas, Oil & SP500 Report

Last week the market slowly recovered from the recent sell off in stocks and commodities. So far the market is unfolding as we expected and with any luck there will be a surge of low […]

Gold and Silver – Big moves ahead!

When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that […]

Precious Metals Continue To Hang Tough…

This week in the precious metals continues to provide evidence that savvy investors are choosing hard assets as an alternative to fiat currencies.  As Greece's debt crisis negotiations continues to   keep the Euro Dollar under […]

Silver ETF Divergence

Launched 4 years ago this week, the SLV silver ETF has proven very successful.  With $5.1b in net assets, it already ranks among the top 20 largest ETFs in the US.  And the 287m ounces […]