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Pink diamond breaks world record

It sold for more than $2.9 million.

Historic blue diamond auction exceeds expectations — sold for $6.7 million

The Farnese Blue diamond, which was passed down through European royal families for about 300 years, sold Tuesday for $1.4 million more than the maximum figure experts estimated it would fetch.

Blue diamond ring breaks world record

The gem’s final price nearly tripled Sotheby’s pre-sale estimate.

This historic blue diamond is expected to fetch up to $5.3 million

The Farnese Blue, passed down through European royalty, goes on sale for first time as part of a Sotheby’s auction to be held in Geneva, on May 15.

Royal blue diamond goes on sale

With few exceptions, no one knew about this gem's existence.

Sotheby’s expects over $33 million for world's largest, rarest, flawless round diamond

The 102.34-carat white diamond is thought to be worth considerably more than previous auction records for similar pieces.

Pink Star diamond breaks world record at $71.2 million

The stunning 59.6-carat diamond smashed the $60 million pre-sale estimate set by Sotheby's at Tuesday's auction in Hong Kong.

‘Perfect’ 59.6-carat pink diamond set to break records in new auction

Experts predict the plum-size internally flawless pink gem could fetch over $60 million in Hong Kong next month.

This blue diamond may become the most expensive gem ever sold at auction

"Blue Moon" is expected to fetch up to $55 million when it goes under Sotheby's hammer on Nov. 11, in Geneva.

‘Perfect’ 100-carat diamond sold for ‘only’ $22 million

After just three minutes of bidding, the final price was $22,090,000, including the buyer's premium.

‘Perfect’ 100-carat diamond goes under Sotheby's hammer

The flawless, 100-carat diamond could fetch up to $25 million when it goes under Sotheby's hammer in New York on Tuesday

This ‘perfect’ diamond could fetch up to $25 million in NYC next month

The gem, discovered a decade ago at one of De Beers mines in South Africa, is one of just five diamonds over 100 carats and of comparable quality to have been offered at an auction.

This pink diamond sold for a historic record of $18 million

It has set a world auction record on a per-carat basis for a gem of this colour.

This pink diamond may become one of the most valuable gems ever sold

The diamond is expected to fetch between $12.8 million and $15.4 million at auction on October 7.

Pink Star diamond breaks record at $83 million

Flawless pink stone was expected to fetch $60 million.