SPX Mining News

GDX weathers stock selloff

GDX remained well within its consolidation trend channel and is still within striking distance of a major $25 breakout.

Stock selling unleashed!

The unnaturally-tranquil stock markets suddenly plunged over this past week, shocking legions of hyper-complacent traders.

Silver in SPX Selloffs

Silver’s massive surge since late January has naturally made it wildly popular these days.

The SPX dances between excitement & danger

Many readers might remember that exactly two years ago the S&P 500 tagged the infamous 666 price level before putting on a monster 2 year rally that saw it surge over 100% to the February 2011 highs.

Gold Stocks in SPX Selloffs

With the general stock markets now due for a selloff while gold hits new nominal all-time highs, precious-metals-stock traders face something of a quandary.  How are their stocks likely to perform in the near future?  […]