Sri Lanka Mining News

Smugglers caught in Sri Lanka with $100k in gold nuggets

Caught as they went through security checks, which indicated they were hiding the precious metal inside their bodies.

Two years in jail for diamond swallower

Sri Lanka's diamond-swallowing story from early September continues to be an unsolved mystery, but the Chinese man who swallowed a fake diamond in a daring bluff that allowed an accomplice to get away with a real stone pleaded guilty Monday.

Diamond swallowed at exhibition a fake; $13,000 gem still missing

Sri Lanka's diamond-swallowing story took an surprising turn Tuesday as police revealed the 1.5 carat stone gulped by Chou Wan, 32, at a gem show was fake.

New JV company incorporated to set up coal power plant in Eastern Sri Lanka

* Sept 27, Colombo: India's National Thermal Power Corporation and Sri Lanka's power authority, Ceylon Electricity Board have incorporated a new 50:50 joint venture company to set up the coal power plant at Sampur in Trincomalee District of Eastern Sri