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Gold stocks remain in a downtrend

Take a look at the charts of any gold stock index (GDX, GDXJ, HUI) and it’s clear they are in a downtrend.

Stock selling unleashed!

The unnaturally-tranquil stock markets suddenly plunged over this past week, shocking legions of hyper-complacent traders.

Beware the stock bear!

The US stock markets’ latest record highs have left traders exceedingly euphoric and complacent. They are utterly convinced this stock bull will power higher for years to come.

INFOGRAPHIC: what's ahead in 2015 – a survey of Wall Street's top analysts

Find out in today's infographic, covering Barron's recent survey of 10 top analysts on what is to be expected in 2015.

Why I recently turned bullish on gold mining stocks

Over the past couple of months, if you’ve been following my articles, you’ve likely noticed that I’ve started to become quite bullish on gold mining stocks.

Bear market bottoms: Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities

Opportunities are found at bear market bottoms. For those emotionally capable of going against the herd, buying a bear market bottom is where the really big money is made.

What a phone call from my Aunt told me about the stock market

I continue to watch the stock market with skepticism.

Rising number of Americans see China as dominant world power in 2020

Investors would be wise to consider investing in Chinese stocks at this time.

The Stock Market will rally significantly

Steve Palmer, founder and chief executive of the Toronto-based investment manager AlphaNorth Asset Management, prefers metals that have uses beyond sitting in a basement safe or gift-giving.

Trading stock fear 2

With the plunging stock markets terrifying traders, many are running for the hills. Steep selloffs always generate intense fear, a scary emotion from which we humans are naturally hardwired to flee. But in the stock markets, major fear spikes should be embraced. They mark the best opportunities ever seen to buy low, the necessary prerequisite to selling high and multiplying your wealth.

Gold Stocks in SPX Selloffs

With the general stock markets now due for a selloff while gold hits new nominal all-time highs, precious-metals-stock traders face something of a quandary.  How are their stocks likely to perform in the near future?  […]

Stock selloffs ignite dollar rallies

The inevitable periodic selloffs in the general stock markets indiscriminately hammer all stocks lower. But they pose a special magnified risk to commodities stocks.

Is the US rally sustainable?

This week, the financial media celebrated as the Dow closed above the 12,000 mark for the first time since June 19th, 2008.