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Swiss gold exports to China drop 67% in April

Exports dropped by around 67% in April to just 15.1 tonnes.

"We haven’t seen capitulation in natural resources yet"

During a period of polarizing precious metals and industrial commodity pricing, Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott U.S. Holdings was kind enough to share a few comments—opining on global counterparty risk, resource capital markets, capitulation, and more.

Russia stashes 55 tonnes of gold in Switzerland

Customs data shows the world's second largest gold miner Russia exported 58 tonnes to be refined in Switzerland last year, but got less than 3 tonnes back.

Gold climbed past the $1,300 mark for first time in five months

But it lost its gains right after two ECB officials said policy makers would propose purchasing 50 billion euros in assets per month through the end of 2016.

Swiss franc farce may be gold price tipping point

Past policies of the Swiss National Bank towards gold backfired badly. But last week's fiat money fiasco could be the real game changer.

Switzerland wins as its central bank surrenders

If anyone had any doubt how severely the global economy has been distorted by the actions of central bankers, the "surprise" announcement last week by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to no longer peg the Swiss franc to the euro should provide a moment of crystal clarity.

A slippery slope

Volumes remain high in the bullion markets and volatility is higher if anything.

Swiss vote the low point for gold?

Peter Schiff responds to the failure of the Swiss gold referendum this past weekend.

Switzerland’s gold referendum fail could drag gold prices lower

The “spectacular” fail of Switzerland’s gold referendum should help maintain gold’s current down trend, said one market analyst.

France may be next in line to bring its gold back

France is the world's fifth-largest holder of gold, only behind the U.S. Germany, the IMF and Italy.

The clock is ticking in Switzerland

All eyes should now be focused on the Swiss voters.

Gold price crushed to deter support for Swiss initiative: report

British fund manager Ben Davies says that gold prices’ most recent collapse is part of central bank efforts to discourage Swiss voters from supporting the gold initiative to be decided at referendum on November 30.

INFOGRAPHIC: Everything you need to know on the Swiss Gold Referendum

On November 30, the Swiss head to the polls on three separate initiatives, one of which is on backing their reserves with at least 20% gold.

Swiss yes vote won't really boost gold price

Switzerland has to buy up to 1,800 tonnes of gold in a yes vote, but Deutsche Bank says window dressing using derivatives would limit impact on gold price.

Swiss yes vote could lift gold price 18%

"If they do launch a buying program, the Swiss central bank would have effectively a constant bid in the market."

Save your Swiss gold – Peter Schiff's message to Switzerland

In the video statement below, Peter Schiff makes a direct appeal to Swiss voters to pass the Save Our Swiss Gold initiative on November 30th

Hopes for Swiss gold price boost dented

Swiss support for referendum that would force the Swiss National Bank to hold 20% of its reserves in gold falls in latest poll.

How the central bank squandered Switzerland's gold reserves

If the Swiss vote yes in next month's referendum its central bank needs to buy back 1,500 tonnes of gold sold for $300–$500 an ounce a decade ago.

Switzerland’s central bank calls to thwart gold vote

The initiative seeks to force the SNB to keep at least 20% of its assets in the metal and repatriate gold reserves held abroad.

Swiss Gold Motion Would Limit Policy Options, Says SNB Vice President

A proposal that the Swiss National Bank should hold a fifth of its assets in gold and be prohibited from selling the precious metal in the future would severely restrict its ability to conduct monetary policy, the WSJ reports.

India is hoarding Switzerland’s gold, silver

The country now accounts for 42% of Swiss exports of both precious metals.

ETF sold gold piling up as Chinese imports drop 83%

Swiss customs data for May show delivery from UK gold vaults to Switzerland's refineries jumping 32% to 32 tonnes, just as Chinese buying tanks 83%.

Switzerland last year exported $132 billion of gold

The European nation is the conduit for gold moving from West to East and business soared 77% year on year.

European central banks may end deal capping gold sales

Bundesbank board member says talks ongoing and Germany has no plans to start selling its bullion again anyway.

Swiss National Bank lost over $10bn in 2013 on weak gold prices

Its bullion reserves are now worth about $17 billion less.