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The Shanghai gold surprise

The physical gold market continues to develop in the most wonderfully counterintuitive way.

The great gold redemption

The most puzzling part of the investment business is seeing how the vast and largely economically illiterate masses interpret any given piece of news.

Gold crash 2013 – deliberately engineered?

How can we explain gold dropping into the $1,300 level in less than a week?

Zimbabwe – last to leave, never mind turning off the lights – they're already off

In the 32 years of his benighted rule, Zimbabwe's President Robert Gabriel Mugabe has done more damage to the country than its white-led minority government ever did.

Takeovers the Path to Golden Returns: Sascha Opel

Sascha Opel, publisher of one of Germany's most popular commodity newsletters, looks at the economy with rose-colored glasses. He sees the end of the Euro crisis and sees Asian growth as the engine pulling the […]